Friday, July 19, 2013


So, I don't know if you've noticed lately, but I don't post my blogs in the morning very often anymore. Now that it is summer and my kids are home, I'm not able to just wake up and do it like I was before.  Well today I'm trying to get it done as early as possible because it is crazy hot in my house these days and my damn laptop is a furnace!

This whole summer we noticed the air wasn't working up to par but didn't really have the money to get it fixed.  The more we looked at things the more we thought maybe it was a problem with the thermostat that we could fix ourselves. Well new thermostat is in and it still isn't working right.  The darn thing comes on for less than five minutes and then goes off and then about ten minutes later it comes on for about five minutes...repeat throughout the day.  And our indoor fan only works some of the time.  So, in 90 plus degree weather it really doesn't cool the house much (it takes 2-3 minutes for it to turn cold and then only blows for 2-3 more minutes.)

a/c a/c what is wrong with you???
So, we are making payments to the furnace repair people and they usually won't come out again until you are paid off, but I thought I would try to at least ask.  At first they hemmed and hawed (bet you haven't heard that saying in a while) and I totally understand that, how do they know I will pay them when I already owe them money.

Then I figured I would find out if the parts they replaced while doing the furnace repair would have had any effect on the A/C and he gladly looked for me.  He said he was pretty sure it was a heater only part but that if I could have the total bill payed off in six months they would come on out. Woo Hoo!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before (hehe yeah, I have) that I do not take the heat well.  I have been so miserable and the last few days have been especially bad.  It is time to start typing book 3 in my series and I can't sit with the laptop on my lap (and I can't sit at the table with my hips) because the darn thing heats me up so bad I get sick. The last two days I haven't even been able to keep the notepad/lapdesk on me without overheating. So I have taken a small (hopefully) sabbatical from working. Sigh, it better not last long, I have a release date in late August for Stormy Seas and I'm not going to miss it!

So now we sit and wait.  They didn't give us a time or day that they would come out (I know a lot of the companies here in town are a bit behind because of the heat) but I am hoping and praying it will be today. I felt kind of awkward asking when  they were basically doing us a favor.  I want to work and I want to feel cold in my home if only for a brief moment until I turn my thermostat to a reasonable number and get our power bill back down to a reasonable dollar amount!

Until Next Time...So, wish me luck and quick repairs! Oh and did I mention that I hate waiting because a watched pot never boils but I can't keep myself from watching!  And when I'm hot, that is all I can think about so yeah, it is going to be a long wait this time. Try to forget about that pot and it will boil right on over....right? We hope?

UPDATES!!! Just got the call A/C people are on their way!!!!!! :)
Down almost twelve pounds and I had my cover reveal for the next book yesterday...want to see it?  Just look below! And if you want to read my full interview and feature from my cover reveal day go to :)

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