Monday, July 22, 2013


So what is going through my mind now that one of my children will soon be driving out on the streets of Casper, and one is hinting at maybe wanting a permit?  Well, of course, I want them to be safe. So aside from the usual stuff - not talking on the phone or texting while driving - what else can I tell them to help keep them safe?

You see, there is a special set of driving rules for the people of Casper.  

1. Always stay aware at the stoplight, do not under any circumstances use that time to think or daydream.  You see, the people of Casper are impatient and think they are invincible. A lot of times you literally can't take your foot from brake to gas the minute the light changes without getting honked at.  It is something that I noticed the day we move here and still drives me nuts.  I always thought horns were meant for emergency, but no, Casper is a special place, horns are meant to be blared anytime, anywhere, but especially at stoplights even if people aren't holding up traffic.  I witnessed one of those things today. The lady next to me got honked at even though she started up before me.  (there was no one in the lane behind me)  She was probably in her eighties and I swear the big bad truck behind her could have given her a heart attack.  She looked scared to death. And of course the bad ass in the truck zoomed around her, in front of me and almost got a dodge durango (me) up his ass.  I only hope the cop hiding in the aisle about half a mile down the road caught him because he was going at least 45 in a 30 by the time he zoomed away from us. 

The second part of this is that everybody in this damn town (except me and The Hubs apparently) runs red lights. I'm sorry people, you live in Casper, WY for cripes sake, there isn't any place you have to be that is that important!  But then again I think that might have something to do with it.  People here, in all actuality, live in a decent sized city of 50,000+ but they think that because the word Wyoming appears after the name of that city, they live in a small town with no traffic. Um no. There is plenty of traffic and we even have days of traffic jams and pedestrians wandering the streets so everybody needs to be careful.  The good thing about this is that there are certain intersections where it happens the most so once you learn those, it makes it ten times safer. The other day some guy went flying through the light when he had plenty of time to stop (we were neck in neck and I stopped). But yeah, he did it in an intersection near an alleyway where cops like to hide.  He got pulled over and lost the time he was obviously trying to make up.  I made it home to a semi airconditioned house three minutes later - taking my time.

I could probably go on and on about the stupid driving things that I've witnessed here in this town, but I won't because it just makes me angry.  I have never seen such stupidity while driving and I used to drive in Vegas where there are cars and driving styles from all fifty states and Canada! It is absolutely nuts!  

So my advice to my kids, just watch for light runners, ignore horn honkers and  watch for other people doing unsafe things and you will be just fine! If you look out for yourself, their stupidity will come back to bite them more times than not. 

Oh and if I ever see you doing some of the stupid shit these people do, I don't care how old you are, I'll beat your ass and hide the keys to your car. :)

Until Next Time...Don't be afraid of stupid drivers, just be safe and take care of you!!! And if you ever visit Casper, Wy don't say I didn't warn you!

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