Friday, July 5, 2013


No matter how much my kids drive me nuts there are times when I just get this overwhelming feeling of love (Eh, maybe it's just PMS - but i'll take it).  For the last few weeks, during the day the three little ones are like a cute little train following each other everywhere Miss Crazy is in the lead, Mr. Insane is next and the Little Butt is the cutest Caboose you've ever seen.  CHOO CHOO and this time does get loud, sometimes the train is chugging along an sometimes it is full boar racing down the tracks.

My favorite times though are when they are all sitting on the loveseat playing quietly together.  The older two are on the outside and the baby is smack dab in the middle.  They play pretend, they listen to music on the kindle, the snuggle - Yes, my kids love to snuggle each other and watching them just absolutely completely warms my heart.

Just the other day, they were playing princesses and bad guys and then Little Butt wanted the kindle so they started listening to music and she was laying there with her head on brother's lap and big sister was rubbing her leg.  I was almost in tears, but I didn't want them to notice so I kept the wet little buggers at bay. Then they decided to get up and run through the house in an imitation of a bullet train. That was fun except the headache I had throbbed even more.  I did my mom duty and asked them to calm down for a while until my pain pills took effect.  They kinda did...NOT. They kept running and I kept threatening and finally just about the time my headache went away they sat down and started to play quietly and watch an episode of Good Luck Charlie together on youtube.  Ahhhh bliss (even though it was about a half hour too late)  And then I heard the first screech and then a scream and then various versions of get off of me, don't do that, get away.

I usually ignore it at first and see if it resolves itself, but this time it didn't and it kept getting louder.  When I finally look over hair is being pulled, legs and arms are flying, claws are out and I'm having to get The Sophomore to help me separate them.  This happens at least once (okay twice) a day.  But you know what? The sweet, quiet, snuggly, choo choo times are all worth it.  My two oldest kids hate each other and their little siblings, but the little ones truly do love each other. They are friends and I get the feeling that they always will be.

Until Next Time...Your kids aren't always going to grow up to be friends, I'm sad to say. But when it seems that it just might happen, enjoy it, foster it and let them know that there is no better friend than a sibling. I still haven't figured out how to get my oldest two to stop being so selfish when it comes to their siblings, but when I do figure it out, you can bet I will be writing about it. :)

No new news on the health front, but if you want a copy of the book I wrote that has some of my blogs and some new commentary in it, now is the time to get it.  FREE ON KINDLE UNTIL THE 7TH!!!!!

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