Introducing ME - and my brokenness (is that even a word?)

I am a 43 year old wife and mom to 5 who will henceforth be known as JJ the broken mom/wife. It will be up to you, my readers, to decide if I am broken because of my physical limitations or because I am just plain crazy! Broken mind or broken body - you choose.

So, the bottom line is I have bad hips/pelvis, the last two discs in my back are too close together, I have plantar fascitis in my foot and I suffer from sinus induced dizziness and eye migraines (i.e. flashing lights and squiggly lines that I affectionately call my pet sperm), all while being a housewife and mom to 5 crazy kiddos who in turn make me a little off my rocker.

Allow me to introduce you to the players in my life that you will probably be hearing a lot about. First of course is the man who made me a wife and mom but did not break me physically (although he can make me crazy in many ways ;)) He will be known as “Super Shooter” (The Shooter for short) as we never had to try more than once to get pregnant with each child - hmmm, maybe I should be known as Fertile Myrtle???)

My 18 year old daughter is beautiful, smart, a bit full of herself and has really bad taste in/luck with men, but she was the first love of my life as a mom. She is just plain Awesome! She will be known as “Gwen"

My 15 year old daughter is cute, very smart, talkative and LOUD. She has Asperger’s Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) and although she can be quite a handful, I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She will be known as “The Sophomore” although I might slip and call her The Gentle Giant sometimes because she is taller than me. :)

B I G              G A P

My 7 year old daughter is beautiful, smart and crazy and can be a bit of a handful. I think her favorite activity is to bully her siblings :P She will be known as “Miss Crazy”

My 6 year old son - our one and only boy - has had a rough few years. His allergy meds were slowly turning him from a sweet helpful little man into a violent screeching monster. It took us awhile to figure out what was really going on (almost 3 years 0.o) but he is off the meds and getting better. He may require counseling and re-training but I think he is going to be my sweet little man again soon. He will be known as “Mr. Insane”

Last but not least is my baby girl. She will be 3 in February. She is the sweetest, funniest craziest little chickie that I have ever met. She will be known as “Little Butt”

So, welcome to the family, I sure hope you enjoy our crazy ride!!!

P.S. For those of you who are wondering - and admit it people, you are wondering - All of my kids have the same father :p


Katie Spencer White said...

Love this. I am also 42, a mom of 5 (4 boys and 1 girl), my second also has Aspergers, and I also have a bad back, lol. We have much in common and I am a new fan. I'll be following your blog to see how it all unfolds....

JJ Ellis said...

My goodness, we do have a lot in common!I welcome you to the blog and hope you continue to enjoy it. <3

JJ Ellis said...

I just checked out your blog and subscribed via email. I loved the Valentines post. I hope to read more of your stuff as soon as I finish writing my current chapter. :)

Nicole Fuhrman said...

I love how you have described your family! So funny :)

JJ Ellis said...

Thank you Nichole! They are a riot and I wouldn't trade them for the world. :)