Monday, May 19, 2014

SO LONG - FAREWELL...I LOVE YOU ALL, the official announcement on my blog is this....As of right now, I am giving up Adventures of a Broken Housewife (and Mom). It was a wonderful experience for me and has helped my career in many ways. Unfortunately, the world of mommy blogging is not one I wish to be a part of anymore. I have met some wonderful, amazing people through the journey and I hope to remain fans and friends of these awesome ladies. But there is an aspect of the whole realm that I just can not be a part of at this point in my life. Moms need to be helpful and non judgmental to each other and I refuse to lower myself to a standard that is hurtful to anyone. I reserve the right to resurrect the blog if there comes a time when I have the time and patience to deal with the negativity. This has been an amazing experience - one that I will always cherish. Meanwhile my blog will still be located at for anyone who wants to give it a read. Love and hugs to all of my friends, family and fans. Now is MY time to concentrate fully on my romance writing....sooooooo, wish me luck!!!