Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We have had a few reasons to celebrate lately.  On Sunday I turned 43 years old.  I don't much get bothered by the age thing. When I turned thirty I was a little antsy about it, but 40 was not a big deal at all.  And now 43 is pretty damn cool.  I'm thinking it might be because I have a newfound career I love and I have five pain in the ass wonderful kids to keep me young.

For my birthday we went out to breakfast because we found we had a bit of money and some coupons but then we realized we were out of food money so I couldn't get a cake.  That's okay though because it helped me get down to 15 pounds total lost!!! (And don't worry, it's okay that our food budget was gone because we already had all of our breakfasts/lunches/dinners bought for the month.  We are far from starving!)

We were supposed to grill for my birthday dinner but The Hubs and Gwen spent all day outside with the neighbor trying to fix a car lock.  So we didn't have time to make the potatoes and the pork chops didn't get thawed so we had one of my least favorite dinners but that's okay because again it contributed to my fifteen pound weight loss!!!

One of my favorite blog pictures I live it, my characters live it.
Overall it was a decent birthday.  There were a few moments when I wanted to throttle a few people, but overall, we did good.

The second thing we celebrated was me finishing my latest novel!  Book three in my five book romance series is done!!!  All I have left is a bit of typing (since I handwrite my novels instead of typing them) and then it will be time for editing.  This story is very personal to me and very intense so I am feeling super drained now.  I have to pull things together and get it done so I can release it next month.  I can't, I can't I can't I can I can I can. I will!

Gwen and The Hubs and I will first tear it apart and then my other two beta readers will get ahold of it and then it will be sent to final editing.  I can't wait until it is done and published.  I think I will cherish it forever.  It is a complete labor of love that reduced me to tears more than once.  I can't wait for all of you to read it. I will have a release date soon.

The third thing we are celebrating is 15,000 page views here on the blog.  It has slowed way down, but I can't complain for the amount of effort I have put into it lately.  Between the kids, my hips and the novel, it is hard to put this first, but I will try to continue to entertain you.  (This is a bit late, we are actually at almost 16,000 now!)

Until Next Time...CELEBRATE EVERYTHING IN LIFE.  Period. End. Of. Story.

Monday, July 29, 2013


When a young family goes shopping for a house many times you hear that they are looking for a large, safe backyard for their family to grow and play in.  I was the same way. That was a definite requirement, a decent sized back yard for the kids to play in.  When I was first starting out, we didn't have a yard in the condo we lived in but we always dreamed of one. Everyone else always sent their kids to the back yard to play. When we would take the kids to the grandparents house, if they wanted to play, they went to the back yard.

Fast forward to April 2004. We moved to Wyoming and had  an okay sized, fenced in back yard where our then 2 kids could play. We soon discovered that no one in our new neighborhood or town for that matter played in their backyards.  Every child in the neighborhood was in the front yard. We actually noticed that when we were there on vacation the year before and stopped in the town we would eventually move to.  But we didn't pay it much mind, thinking it was probably a fluke.

Fast forward to August 2008 when we moved to a new town, same state. I thought 'ah ha maybe it was just the town we lived in'  Nope everyone plays in the front yards here too. Trying to get my children to go into the fenced in back yard is like pulling teeth as they say.  I just don't understand the difference.  

And kids in the front yards aren't the only things we've witnessed here in the cowboy state.  Everyone does everything in the front yard - BBQ's, Family gatherings, Those nice evenings when you just want to sit outside and enjoy the weather. It is all done in the front yard, within the view of at least 8 neighbors.  A good thing about it is that it helps you get to know your neighbors and that is awesome, knowing that there are people so close if your family ever needs something.  But I am just so used to the whole backyard/privacy thing that it was/is very hard for me to adjust.

If my insane son (Mr. Insane) is running around screaming the new expletive the neighbor boys taught him, well then I don't want the whole neighborhood to see it. If my two year old decides she wants to follow her older siblings outside and she is wearing nothing (as she usually is these days :/) I don't want the whole neighborhood to have to deal with it.  (People here are also very weird about naked babies but that is a whole other story). If I decide to give the Hubs a quick kiss over the porch railing while he is grilling, well I don't need three neighbors saying awww.  (And it seems you can be a lot louder and more obnoxious in the privacy of the backyard.)

I remember some great times in the backyard when I was younger. It was so much fun. Eating great food and enjoying refreshing drink while hanging out with friends and family.  I even remember a few backyard birthday parties that were great fun. My big question is, why the difference.  In the winter I could see it sometimes if the snow drifts are too high in the back yard, but in the summer it still makes me wonder what is wrong with the back yard.  

Maybe because it is a smaller population here and it is generally safer so people don't insist on their kids being corralled in the back yard?  I mean this is the wild west and if anyone were to dare hurt a neighborhood kid there would be half the street with their guns drawn catching the person before they even got halfway out of the neighborhood, so I guess that could be it.  I just don't know though.  My neighborhood growing up in Nevada was the same way and yet if we played outside it was at a park or in the backyard.  

I'm thinking this is just one of those things I may never know the answer to and that's okay.  I will still be trying to get my kids to play in the backyard with the dog and they will still probably refuse but hey, at least I have a yard for the kids like I always wanted!!! :)

Until Next Time...Embrace cultural differences whether they are from state to state or country to country.  Everyone is different for a reason, life would be boring if everyone was the same.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


My two oldest beauties and my only little man <3
Despite a horrendous headache, I've had one of the best days I've had in a long time.  First I got to sleep in a bit and then I took Gwen to the doctor where her heart was given a clean bill of health.  Talk about relieved!  And then we came home to a relaxing afternoon.

The two oldest played a new game that Gwen bought on the xbox (Hey, they took turns and got along for the first time in forever, what mom wouldn't be happy!)

I went into my room where it was comfortable (i.e. freezing cold!)  to write and I got a decent amount done before falling into a semi sleep.  It felt wonderful because I haven't really napped in a long time.

Then when I woke up we had one of our signature dishes for dinner. (Egg noodles w/gravy, salad and veggies) and the kids started chores.  They got a lot of the outside done (We have to be done by the 29th so we won't be fined) and the inside is looking somewhat decent - Is it time for a room re-arrange so I can feel the house is clean again?  Just might be! But shhhh don't tell the kids ;)  And if you have no idea what I am talking about, read this blog http://www.brokenwifeandmom.com/2012/11/clean-living-room-eh-who-needs-itme.html
Cheesy smiles and missing teeth :)

After chores, the older two were working on some top secret project together - I'm thinking it might have been a writing project which makes me proud! And then Gwen started giving Little Butt a piggy back ride and of course that means the other two littles had to have some too.  They all had such a great time but poor Gwen was exhausted!  I wish I could do that with the kids, but at least I have someone who is willing. :)

Once we determined that Gwen was done for, they settled down to play with her hair.  Poor girl had three different kids pulling on her head in three different ways so eventually it became a hair party.  One was working on Gwen, one on The Sophomore, and one on me.  I tell ya, my hair hasn't felt this smooth in a long time. :)

So now tempers are starting to flare and I'm sure my good day is about to end, but hey we had fun while
it lasted right???  I haven't seen much of this fun and camaraderie in my house lately so I will take it when I can get it and right now I'm the happiest mama in the world!
Always on the go and good for making everyone smile :)

Until Next time...Don't ever give up hope, things you think aren't possible anymore really can be!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Snuggly baby with her first cold :(

Her first cart ride!
Have you ever gone through an old box  or something and come across treasures that you'd thought you'd lost forever? Isn't it wonderful? That happened to me the other day in more of a technological way.  
You see, I lost some pictures on a computer one time just shortly before I'd planned to upload all my pics to photobucket.  There were quite a few of Little Butt when she was a tiny peanut.  I was sad but eventually I accepted the loss.  And then the other day the kids found and old phone that I could use while mine is being fixed. And guess what was on there???? Yep! The pics I thought I'd lost forever!!!!!  

And yes, you all know me, I cried tears of joy - woohooo! So, now I thought I would share them with you.  Ready set go....Little butt photo bomb!!!!

Just out of the operating room!

Just arriving at the nursery

Crying in her sleep, just arrived home

Sweet new baby snuggled under her blankie

Laying on mommy's lap

Chubby baby wrinkles :)

Sleepy newborn in her first real outfit 

First attempt at smiles 
First real Easter!
Pulling up for first time

Until Next Time...Cherish every memory. You can't keep them all safe no matter how hard you try, but keep them in your heart because they will always be safe there.  And if you're lucky, occasionally, you can find those special little treasures and get the best surprises life has to offer.

Monday, July 22, 2013


So what is going through my mind now that one of my children will soon be driving out on the streets of Casper, and one is hinting at maybe wanting a permit?  Well, of course, I want them to be safe. So aside from the usual stuff - not talking on the phone or texting while driving - what else can I tell them to help keep them safe?

You see, there is a special set of driving rules for the people of Casper.  

1. Always stay aware at the stoplight, do not under any circumstances use that time to think or daydream.  You see, the people of Casper are impatient and think they are invincible. A lot of times you literally can't take your foot from brake to gas the minute the light changes without getting honked at.  It is something that I noticed the day we move here and still drives me nuts.  I always thought horns were meant for emergency, but no, Casper is a special place, horns are meant to be blared anytime, anywhere, but especially at stoplights even if people aren't holding up traffic.  I witnessed one of those things today. The lady next to me got honked at even though she started up before me.  (there was no one in the lane behind me)  She was probably in her eighties and I swear the big bad truck behind her could have given her a heart attack.  She looked scared to death. And of course the bad ass in the truck zoomed around her, in front of me and almost got a dodge durango (me) up his ass.  I only hope the cop hiding in the aisle about half a mile down the road caught him because he was going at least 45 in a 30 by the time he zoomed away from us. 

The second part of this is that everybody in this damn town (except me and The Hubs apparently) runs red lights. I'm sorry people, you live in Casper, WY for cripes sake, there isn't any place you have to be that is that important!  But then again I think that might have something to do with it.  People here, in all actuality, live in a decent sized city of 50,000+ but they think that because the word Wyoming appears after the name of that city, they live in a small town with no traffic. Um no. There is plenty of traffic and we even have days of traffic jams and pedestrians wandering the streets so everybody needs to be careful.  The good thing about this is that there are certain intersections where it happens the most so once you learn those, it makes it ten times safer. The other day some guy went flying through the light when he had plenty of time to stop (we were neck in neck and I stopped). But yeah, he did it in an intersection near an alleyway where cops like to hide.  He got pulled over and lost the time he was obviously trying to make up.  I made it home to a semi airconditioned house three minutes later - taking my time.

I could probably go on and on about the stupid driving things that I've witnessed here in this town, but I won't because it just makes me angry.  I have never seen such stupidity while driving and I used to drive in Vegas where there are cars and driving styles from all fifty states and Canada! It is absolutely nuts!  

So my advice to my kids, just watch for light runners, ignore horn honkers and  watch for other people doing unsafe things and you will be just fine! If you look out for yourself, their stupidity will come back to bite them more times than not. 

Oh and if I ever see you doing some of the stupid shit these people do, I don't care how old you are, I'll beat your ass and hide the keys to your car. :)

Until Next Time...Don't be afraid of stupid drivers, just be safe and take care of you!!! And if you ever visit Casper, Wy don't say I didn't warn you!

Friday, July 19, 2013


So, I don't know if you've noticed lately, but I don't post my blogs in the morning very often anymore. Now that it is summer and my kids are home, I'm not able to just wake up and do it like I was before.  Well today I'm trying to get it done as early as possible because it is crazy hot in my house these days and my damn laptop is a furnace!

This whole summer we noticed the air wasn't working up to par but didn't really have the money to get it fixed.  The more we looked at things the more we thought maybe it was a problem with the thermostat that we could fix ourselves. Well new thermostat is in and it still isn't working right.  The darn thing comes on for less than five minutes and then goes off and then about ten minutes later it comes on for about five minutes...repeat throughout the day.  And our indoor fan only works some of the time.  So, in 90 plus degree weather it really doesn't cool the house much (it takes 2-3 minutes for it to turn cold and then only blows for 2-3 more minutes.)

a/c a/c what is wrong with you???
So, we are making payments to the furnace repair people and they usually won't come out again until you are paid off, but I thought I would try to at least ask.  At first they hemmed and hawed (bet you haven't heard that saying in a while) and I totally understand that, how do they know I will pay them when I already owe them money.

Then I figured I would find out if the parts they replaced while doing the furnace repair would have had any effect on the A/C and he gladly looked for me.  He said he was pretty sure it was a heater only part but that if I could have the total bill payed off in six months they would come on out. Woo Hoo!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before (hehe yeah, I have) that I do not take the heat well.  I have been so miserable and the last few days have been especially bad.  It is time to start typing book 3 in my series and I can't sit with the laptop on my lap (and I can't sit at the table with my hips) because the darn thing heats me up so bad I get sick. The last two days I haven't even been able to keep the notepad/lapdesk on me without overheating. So I have taken a small (hopefully) sabbatical from working. Sigh, it better not last long, I have a release date in late August for Stormy Seas and I'm not going to miss it!

So now we sit and wait.  They didn't give us a time or day that they would come out (I know a lot of the companies here in town are a bit behind because of the heat) but I am hoping and praying it will be today. I felt kind of awkward asking when  they were basically doing us a favor.  I want to work and I want to feel cold in my home if only for a brief moment until I turn my thermostat to a reasonable number and get our power bill back down to a reasonable dollar amount!

Until Next Time...So, wish me luck and quick repairs! Oh and did I mention that I hate waiting because a watched pot never boils but I can't keep myself from watching!  And when I'm hot, that is all I can think about so yeah, it is going to be a long wait this time. Try to forget about that pot and it will boil right on over....right? We hope?

UPDATES!!! Just got the call A/C people are on their way!!!!!! :)
Down almost twelve pounds and I had my cover reveal for the next book yesterday...want to see it?  Just look below! And if you want to read my full interview and feature from my cover reveal day go to http://www.judeouvrard.com/meetjj-ellis/#more-281. :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So, I woke up and touched my cell phone and it was burning hot! Then I noticed the screen had marks on it like it was shattered.  And then I noticed that it hadn't charged all the way.  So you'd think they would be concerned that it could have caused a fire in my house and made my hand sore  or that I don't have a phone to use.  But nope, they did their usual.  They made me do a hard reset which sapped what battery I had left and now I can't see if it worked.  Come on people it is an electrical problem, it didn't work.  Sheesh.

So, next step is to take it to the UPS store and ship it to them.  Okay people, your phone dangerously malfunctioned and you want me to wait 2-3 weeks to have a phone again.  I don't think so.  Damn it I need a phone, I have 5 kids and I need to keep track of them. The easiest way to do that is through my cell phone. Oh and did I mention it's not even a smartphone???

I knew I would rue the day I ever bought one.  I was one of the last people on earth to get a cell  phone I think. Mostly because of the deposit they always wanted.  But then once our financial situation started looking up and I asked what the deposit would be and for the first time ever they said ZERO. Well, after that The Hubs and I just had to get one especially because we were living in a new place and it was nice to know I could get ahold of him anytime I needed to.  We were in a scary, new, bigger city after all. ;)

My current piece of c**p
Little did I know it would be a lifesaver for me having an autistic child. If she had a problem at school I could get the call no matter where I was.  I was finally free from my house!!! It truly was nice, I hated having the school call me.  They didn't believe that she was possibly autistic and thought her problems were from a bad home life so if they called I needed to be on top of it at all times to kind of redirect their thinking (They still don't consider her academically autistic because she is high functioning and highly intelligent, but that is a story for another day.)

And then the teen years hit and as soon as we could afford it, the two oldest got phones.  Now that was nice, I could keep track of them without being intrusive and it was nice being able to converse with them anytime, anywhere. And if they had hid something (they do that a lot) I could just text them and say "where the hell is my______)  Life was good.

And now, I hate cell phones because my life is a pain in the a** without one!  I truly don't know how I managed. I am afraid to go anywhere, what if I get a flat tire, I will be stuck out in the heat trying to make it to someplace that has a phone for me to use.  UNACCEPTABLE ;)  If I want to text my husband or my kids, I can't. If I want to call a friend when I'm feeling down or when blogger is pissing me off, I can't.  Damn technology!!!

Until Next Time... What electronic are you addicted to?  I could do without my computer although work wouldn't get done. And I could do without the TV although I would get lonely without the noise. I could live without my kindle although I would have to spend too much money on books. But you know what I can't live without my darn cell phone.  Well played technology, well played.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Announcement about my writing at the end of my normal post!!!!!!

So, I thought I was going to start this great diet/drops that was going to help me lose a lot of weight just like it did my friend and countless other people I've met over the last couple of months.  Yeah, well, I was wrong.  I started the diet and about 3/4 of the way into the first day of low cal eating I almost passed out 3 times.  Well, you see it turns out there is something with my blood sugar that makes it where I have to eat carbs or I pass out (didn't know for sure about it before, but knew that if I was late eating a meal I would get shaky and dizzy) So, this diet was carb free.  For the sake of my health I had to stop it.  However, I still take all of the vitamin supplements that this company sells and they are really working. I was crying because I thought of this diet as my last ditch effort to be alive and active for my kids.  (They have a new diet supplement coming out and I am going to use the hell out of it. It is Raspberry Ketones and even Dr. Oz recommends that stuff. (not our version of it, but Raspberry Ketones in general)  http://www.omnitrition.com/jjellis
My before pic.  Can you see how crooked
my hips/pelvis are? 

I have lost 10 pounds!!!! My hip pain is down by half when I sit and walk short distances and almost half when I walk long distances/stand for long periods of time!  That is huge!!!! My energy is up by about 50 percent and grows a bit every day that I am on the Vitamins. I am so happy! Maybe another ten pounds and I won't have this awful pain at all. They are pretty sure the stiffness will remain but I can deal with that!  

So, the whole family is on a healthy eating plan now that is about lean meats, fresh produce, portion control and less sugary snacks.  The rest of the family can exercise and I hope to join them soon even if it is just a walk around the neighborhood (until winter hits again...sigh)

We went shopping for the ingredients we needed to eat a bit healthier yesterday and I was happy with our selection. Very few prepackaged foods which is huge for us!  I actually went shopping three times yesterday and my hips survived without me curling into a ball of pain!!!  We had to go birthday shopping for The Sophomore who celebrates birthday number 15 today!!! 


Until next time...It is rough, but starting to eat healthier is the key to success and maintenance of a diet program.  And it's okay to splurge sometimes, just make sure you make up for it! And Good luck!!!  I also recommend vitamins.  They help so much!!! 

I have the first two chapters of both of my books up on Wattpad to read for free.  It's like sampling before you make a commitment.  I encourage all of you to give it a read. It will only be a few minutes of your time and you might find something you like!  Oh, and while you are there please click VOTE and leave a quick comment, it will help people find me easier!  ENJOY!!! 

BOOK 2 ALASKAN AMBUSH ON WATTPAD CHAPTERS 1 AND 2 http://www.wattpad.com/20909206-alaskan-ambush-a-sunset-destiny-romance-book-2

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Do you ever wish you could read the first couple of chapters of a book before you buy a book.  Well, now I 'm giving you a chance.  Read the first two chapters of Virgin Voyage before you decide. Find me on Wattpad by clicking the link below.  I really hope you enjoy it and if you do, leave a comment and click the vote button at the top!

Virgin Voyage A Sunset Destiny Romance Book 1 chapters 1 and 2 - Page 1 - Wattpad

Friday, July 12, 2013


What time is it mama?
What the hell do you care, you can't tell time... Okay, so I don't actually say that, but hey it's what I feel like saying.  I was sitting here earlier thinking about how all of my kids have had an obsession with time, starting at about 4 years of age.  'What time is it mama' is a frequent question in this house and every time, through five kids, it drives me nuts! To them one o'clock is the same as 10 o'clock. But being the dutiful, good mama I am, I answer them.

After this initial stage of always asking what time it is, we then move on to things like 'Mama how long until we (Fill In The Blank). Well, if I tell them an hour they look at me like I've lost my ever loving mind. So we started to say two shows on TV (because most of their shows last 1/2 hour).  It's worked so far!  

The next stage?  Well it is when they are looking forward to something that is going to happen in an hour and they ask every five minutes if it is time yet because they have no idea of the concept of time passing. Even when I tell them as soon as such and such show is over, they still ask every ten minutes.

I've come to the conclusion that time passing is the bane of a mother's existence. Or at least this mother's.  What time is it, how long until..., is it time yet. I will probably hear that in my dreams, over and over again until I am dead.  And Little Butt hasn't even started that stage yet!  Mr.Insane is in the first/second stages and Miss Crazy is in the third although she seems to be able to incorporate all stages in one highly annoying conversation.

I could probably get  back at them when they are older.  About the time they turn seventeen  I can start asking. What time is it?  When are you leaving for college?  Is it time for you to go to college yet?  But no, I won't. Because I am the dutiful, good mama.

Until Next Time...When your kids ask stupid questions, just smile and answer.  But then again, you probably already knew that.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our family has had a busy couple of years milestone wise.  Last summer my in laws celebrated 50 years of marriage, BIL and  SIL celebrated 25 years of marriage, one of the Nephews (D) (a talented writer I might add) turned 21, The Sophomore started high school last year, Gwen graduated high school this year, Mr. Crazy starts Kindergarten in the fall, Another of our Nephews (J) graduates college in December, The Hubs and I celebrate our 20th anniversary next year and the most recent celebration is courtesy of our Nephew (J)

In ten short days he and his beautiful fiance, whom I will also call J (haha just realized they have the same initials - yeah, I'm slow) are getting married. I remember this time in my life, so busy and stressful and EXCITING. To be ready to commit to the one person you don't want to exist without is an amazing feeling.

And to top it off, these two are a great couple.  We don't get to see these relatives from the midwest very often, but we saw this pair (and met her for the first time) last summer.  As a couple they are stunning.  You can see that they are absolutely 100 percent comfortable together and 100 percent in love with each other.  They are simply AMAZING together. We can't be there for their big day, but I am already dying to see pictures.  They will light up the whole world on their special day and I am glad I will be able to see that glow from here.

As a romance writer you can bet I am a huge fan of love and marriage and I think that is why I love this couple so much. They've got what it takes, I only hope they never have to face all of the hardships and tragedies that couples in romance novels do, or that they glide through them holding tight to each other.

So J & J  I am right here and now wishing you the best of luck and a happy, full life together.  We love you and will be celebrating here. We hope that someday you can come on a family trip with us as our guests and we can get to know you  as a couple (and maybe some kids someday?) much better.

Until next time... Love, Love, Love - spouses, kids friends, doesn't matter. Just LOVE! <3

Well, I started the diet today!  I load on the food and fats for two days and then I start the low cal diet along with the drops. Just by taking the three supplements I've been taking Omni IV, Charge and Nite Lite I dropped 7 pounds before the diet even began and my hip pain is about 1/4 better (stiffness and mobility has a way to go)  I'm on my way folks!  Wish me good luck :)

Monday, July 8, 2013


Sorry I'm so late but I had to take Gwen to the doctor today for an ear infection and got waylaid by a lot of crap including a big box store's pharmacy. :/ And then it was family time and an early dinner so now here I am.

It was a weird weekend for sure. We had a lot of family turmoil going on around here (extended family not the ones who live here) but it was all straightened out quickly.  Thank goodness, I'm not up for fighting right now (or ever really). I said some things on facebook that were taken wrong and I really didn't think to explain to certain people about it.  I guess when they say be careful what you talk about on facebook, they aren't kidding right?

Poor Gwen is sick again.  The allergies are killing her this year.  She had an earache so I took her in today and they cleaned her ear out.  She had a piece of was in there so big that it is a wonder she cold even hear out of that ear.  And of course an infection was being caused and blocked by the wax.  It was painful, but thankfully the doctor was able to get it out and she is on the mend.

I am trying to teach Mr. Crazy to recognize his ABC's but it is hard.  He is not all that interested in writing them down and that would be a great way for him to learn. And he can't sit still long enough for flash cards.  If anyone has any suggestions, we'll take em!  He needs to know this by mid August!

Little Butt still amuses me every day with the cute little things she says, however I keep forgetting to write them down. And I have some short stories that I am reading so I can do reviews on them but she won't give me my kindle!  She stays up really late and won't let go of it until it dies completely.  Sigh....I stay up way too late reading now. I need to find the money to buy myself another kindle! (And no, she doesn't have a bed time yet. That will come down the road when she is older.  I like being able to stay up late and work and sleep in late or wake up early and work.)

The writing has been going great!!! People are loving my excerpts from my next book. Especially the one from chapter four.  It is a cliffhanger even! http://www.writerjjellis.com is my site for excerpts and the first four posts are from chapters 1-4 of my next novel. Check them out if you get a chance. I have also received some great reviews for my latest book

 My books have been called witty...hehe I love that word and think it is a great compliment. LOL

As for the health and diet. I have been  off the supplements for the last couple of days and boy am I feeling it. I feel like crud, so tomorrow it is back on the supplements.  And Wednesday I will hopefully be starting the diet and you can witness the pounds melt away.  My friend who did the diet before me has been called the incredible shrinking woman!

Until next time...Watch what you post on facebook, don't argue with relatives - you love them so it's not worth it, teach your kid to recognize ABC's way before they start school (but not too early, because they are now saying that teaching them too young doesn't do any good because they don't retain it as well as if you teach them a bit later.), and for pete's sake, write down everything your little ones say (and don't give them your kindle to use EVER!!!) ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013


No matter how much my kids drive me nuts there are times when I just get this overwhelming feeling of love (Eh, maybe it's just PMS - but i'll take it).  For the last few weeks, during the day the three little ones are like a cute little train following each other everywhere Miss Crazy is in the lead, Mr. Insane is next and the Little Butt is the cutest Caboose you've ever seen.  CHOO CHOO and this time does get loud, sometimes the train is chugging along an sometimes it is full boar racing down the tracks.

My favorite times though are when they are all sitting on the loveseat playing quietly together.  The older two are on the outside and the baby is smack dab in the middle.  They play pretend, they listen to music on the kindle, the snuggle - Yes, my kids love to snuggle each other and watching them just absolutely completely warms my heart.

Just the other day, they were playing princesses and bad guys and then Little Butt wanted the kindle so they started listening to music and she was laying there with her head on brother's lap and big sister was rubbing her leg.  I was almost in tears, but I didn't want them to notice so I kept the wet little buggers at bay. Then they decided to get up and run through the house in an imitation of a bullet train. That was fun except the headache I had throbbed even more.  I did my mom duty and asked them to calm down for a while until my pain pills took effect.  They kinda did...NOT. They kept running and I kept threatening and finally just about the time my headache went away they sat down and started to play quietly and watch an episode of Good Luck Charlie together on youtube.  Ahhhh bliss (even though it was about a half hour too late)  And then I heard the first screech and then a scream and then various versions of get off of me, don't do that, get away.

I usually ignore it at first and see if it resolves itself, but this time it didn't and it kept getting louder.  When I finally look over hair is being pulled, legs and arms are flying, claws are out and I'm having to get The Sophomore to help me separate them.  This happens at least once (okay twice) a day.  But you know what? The sweet, quiet, snuggly, choo choo times are all worth it.  My two oldest kids hate each other and their little siblings, but the little ones truly do love each other. They are friends and I get the feeling that they always will be.

Until Next Time...Your kids aren't always going to grow up to be friends, I'm sad to say. But when it seems that it just might happen, enjoy it, foster it and let them know that there is no better friend than a sibling. I still haven't figured out how to get my oldest two to stop being so selfish when it comes to their siblings, but when I do figure it out, you can bet I will be writing about it. :)

No new news on the health front, but if you want a copy of the book I wrote that has some of my blogs and some new commentary in it, now is the time to get it.  FREE ON KINDLE UNTIL THE 7TH!!!!! http://www.amazon.com/Until-Next-Time-ebook/dp/B00BRA7SK2/ref=sr_1_3_title_1_kin?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1373040334&sr=1-3

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


When I make a threat my kids don't believe that I will follow through with it. I guess because they usually straighten up just in time to avoid the worst.  But this time something seems different.  I don't think  they believe that I have arranged to have their phones turned off on Friday unless I cancel the order. All they have to do is keep up with their chores and catch up on the ones they are behind on.

They have until Friday and I told them about it on Monday and they have done nothing but sit on their butts and play on the computer. This is going to get fun. I will also be disconnecting wireless internet and taking the modem for myself.

It seems that I have one child who thinks she is 18 already and paying rent so she doesn't have to help out with daily tasks around the house. Tsk Tsk Tsk.  She is still under 18 and pays absolutely no rent so she helps out whether she wants to or not. So I guess on Friday she will lose her communication device to the outside world. No skin off my back, but maybe she will learn a lesson - or maybe not. Only time will tell. (Oh and the phone still has to be paid for even if service is suspended)

And it seems like I have another child who thinks she only has to help out if everyone else does their share.  I don't care if the other kids don't do their job as long as long as she does hers she will be fine. But if everyone isn't all working at the same time she has a freak fit. Frankly, I'm so tired of all this crap.  Do the job you were assigned or asked to do and be done with it.  Everybody has different schedules you don't have to all work at the same time!!!!

The sad part is, it's not that much work - some dishes, some laundry and some simple pick up divided between 5-6 people. 1/2 an hour per day if there are no chores to catch up on. And of course there is their bathroom. I can't even go in there without gagging so I insist they clean it themselves.  If they want to be pigs, they are old enough to deal with it!

We do have the little ones try to help a bit with general pick up after all they are part of the mess making crew. But you know they are only 5 and 6 so if I feel like letting them play outside rather than  spend ten minutes picking up then that is my prerogative.  I won't be so lenient when they are older but they will still have plenty of opportunity to be kids.  And what pisses me off the most, and I don't think the older ones realize I know this, is that they have slowly tried to turn their chores over to the little ones.  I'm sorry 5 and 6 are way too young to have that responsibility so I won't put up with it.  EVERYBODY in this house has their responsibilities and they damn sight better do it and not try to pawn it off on someone else.  And I'm sorry, if you constantly get the baby to want you so you can get out of chores, don't complain when she wants your attention all the damn time.  You need to live with it!!! You create a monster and it becomes your lover, your best friend, your responsibility....PERIOD. END OF STORY!

Until Next Time...It is natural for kids to think their parents are stupid, but that doesn't mean that we as parents can't teach them how it really is. I've been alive almost 43 years, you've been alive under 20, you do the math.

HEALTH UPDATE - Feeling good physically but still can't do the diet because of the problem with my throat.  Have to pop way too many pills and have a hard time eating sometimes.  Sigh....I'll get there someday.

Monday, July 1, 2013


In a house full of misery there has been one bright spot lately. And that bright spot has a name - Little Butt.  Her facial expression, her use of sentences and her tone of voice has been a great joy to me recently.

Like the time she walked up to me and said "mama I have boobee, I need to go to doctor."  If you hadn't guessed, boobee is booboo. She was in a way telling me that we had been to the doctor way too many times in the last month!  I love it when Mr Insane and Miss Crazy are misbehaving and she will sigh as if the weight of the world is on her shoulders and then yell "Stop it beebee and brubber!
One day I just about peed myself laughing when one of the younger kids got 'hurt' and started unnecessarily screeching, Little Butt sighed that ever present sigh and said "you big faker"

And then there are the times where the kids will be listening to music and she starts singing along.  She sounds so cute singing the words in her own little two year old accent. And then I look at her and smile and she turns all shy and ducks her head and stops singing.  That part makes me sad because I want her to sing all the time, toddler accent and all. The song that she seems to like singing the most lately is In My Head by Jason Derulo. I use it to help increase my typing speed and she picked up on it and will have us play it multiple times in an hour.

And then there is the cute as hell smart assery. The other day she asked for a popsicle and I said "you don't need a popsicle" and she said "I need popsicle." and I said "why are you hungry?" and She said "No, I need popsicle cause I want one. Now! Mommy." Yeah, cute but after we had a 'being polite' talk I sent her out of the room and laughed, again, until I almost peed. (give me a break, I've had 5 kids, I pee when I breathe too deep.)

My oldest daughter and I spent most of last evening just looking at Little Butt and smiling over her antics.  I didn't' think to write down stuff she did and my memory sucks lately but I remember my smile rarely leaving my face all because of the cute little girl who steals my heart again and again every time she opens her mouth.

Until Next Time...enjoy the fun things your kids do and don't forget to write some of them down for future memories.  You'll be glad you did when you can relive the good times.

Update on my health product adventure - 

Well I've had to postpone the  weight loss stuff because I can't swallow very well with this sore throat i've developed so it will have to wait a few days.  I have started on the other supplements and boy am I glad I did.  I'm sleeping great!  My legs are strong again (hips still bad but that will be all weight loss). I can actually go shopping without pooping out after a couple of aisles.  My legs were strong enough for me to go to my son when he was crying out. I didn't have to send Gwen to do it!!!!  I can actually get up and prepare my supplements or prepare a drink without being in so much pain I can't function http://www.omnitrition.com/jjellis

afterwards.  I think I am on the right track with this product and I can't wait to try more.