Tuesday, September 16, 2025


If this is your first time joining us, welcome! When we first started, this blog was called The Adventures of a Broken Housewife (and Mom) and I kept my career separate (for the most part). I was an aspiring writer and I wanted to get my start on the blog then expand with my romance novels. It went pretty well and I considered this blog a success. But I always felt strange about talking about my novels because I would be accused of trying to sell stuff to my readers. It was a huge mess and eventually I didn't like the infighting between bloggers and left.

Now that my career is picking up and I need to blog on a regular basis I find myself wanting to talk about every aspect of my life so my career is no longer being left out. This will be an introductory post and then we shall move on to regular posts.


ME: JJ Ellis
I am 46 years old.
I have been married for 22 years and we have five children.
I am physically limited because of bad hips (and other stuff recently).
I have depression and anxiety
I am an Author of Baby Boomer, Contemporary Fiction, YA, and M/M romances and a best-selling travel/cruise & romantic comedy author.

She is 21 years old and a bank teller. She lives with her fiance in the same town as us and I am so very proud of what a great person she has become after three years of living through hell.

KID 2:
She is 18 years old and a college student. She lives at home while going to school full time. She is on the autism spectrum (Asperger level) and I am so very proud of her for everything she does despite the challenges she faces.

KID 3:
She is 10 years old and in the fifth grade. She is starting to play the clarinet in the school band this year and enjoys clothes and make-up. She is the first of three kids I had as an older mother and she taught me so much that I will forever be grateful for.

KID 4:
He is 9 years old and in third grade. He is a very active boy who loves Batman and playing rough. He is my ONLY boy and I am forever grateful for that shot of testosterone he shoots into our over-saturated estrogen lives. He was diagnosed just this year with type 1 diabetes and is my hero because he does a great job dealing with it.

KID 5:
She is 5 years old and just started kindergarten. She is the feistiest of my kids and the most independent but she is very shy around strangers. She was a bit of a surprise when I found myself pregnant at 40 but I'm grateful to have her because she keeps me young at heart, even with my physical limitations.

THE HUBBY: Well the hubby doesn't like to be talked about a lot so I will just say that we have been married for 22 years and we sometimes write together.


I started writing in 2004/05 but didn't have the guts to publish so I let the stories fester and sit there until 2013 when I heard about a free/low-cost way to publish and that was that. In March 2013 I published my first novel - a romance set on a cruise to Alaska and now in 2017 I have ten books published. If you would like to know more about my books visit my website http://www.jjellis.com  or amazon.com/author/jjellis

I recently acquired an agent and am now being represented by Keith Chawgo of Media Bitch Literary Agency. We have great plans for the future! The releases we are working on are a YA/LGBT/Depression/Anxiety Saga entitled Anguish and an M/M novel called Letting Go. I hope you will stay tuned to find out more.

Until Next Time...come back and join us when I write about my son's diabetes diagnosis. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016


                                                                                    Hey, everybody! 

I'm free! Well, kind of. I still have three little ones at home (and a college kid too) so I'm not THAT kind of free, but still free nonetheless. The hubs and I can't up and take a cruise anytime we want...yet. But if he has a weekday off occasionally we can spend it together without the kids. We can have lunch together without the kids. I can sleep in without having to worry about the kids. You see, my final baby has started Kindergarten. 

It was a day I looked forward to and dreaded all at the same time. My baby was growing up and leaving me for seven hours a day. Wow! I thought the day would never come when I got pregnant with her but it finally did. 

I don't usually take the kids to school because I have a hard time driving but this time I tagged along with the Hubs as he took them to the first day of Kinder, 3rd, and 5th. I walked my baby into the school and waited while she found her jacket/backpack hook. Then I kissed her goodbye and sent her to the playground with her brother and sister. I didn't shed one tear - and no, I don't feel guilty. 

I don't know if it is because I felt confident in the ability of her siblings to take care of her or if it was because she has a teacher that I adore (Both older littles had her for first grade). All I know is that I was kind of happy. I've raised five kids to the point of starting school and I felt accomplished and yes, I also felt relieved that I could now have a little bit of time for myself. I can't feel guilty about being proud of having paid my dues. 

I'm especially glad I didn't break down this final time because little miss sure as heck didn't. In fact, when we picked her up she cried because she didn't want it to end and wanted to go back. And so far she loves every minute that she is there. She's made friends and adores her teachers. How lucky can a mom get, huh? I mean seriously she said, "If I was president of the school I would make everyone have school on weekends too!" 

Well then! lol Isn't it always nice when everyone ends up happy?  I love my me time...except yeah, occasionally, I do miss my little miss...and she seems to love her school time. It couldn't have turned out better. After five tries I finally got my guilt free first day of school! Woo Hoo! 

And so I bet a lot of you thought I would just sit down once she was gone and write, write, write. Right? Nope. My creativity took a horrible, scary, unexpected sabbatical, but that is a story for another day. Until Next Time...

Friday, September 16, 2016


How many of you have a relative with a chronic illness? Our family was hit with one of these things recently…it came as a complete shock and still kind of feels weird if I think too hard about it even now almost two months later.

In January of 2016 my son came down with a cough…not a big deal, our family has allergies and with seven of us in the household most of the time, we spread germs like crazy. But then we got a tummy bug shortly after. My eight-year-old son seemed to recover from it pretty quickly but he just didn’t seem himself. He wasn’t crazy, active, making machine gun noises at every turn…he was just not the son I loved and was exasperated by (in a loving way ;)) every day anymore. He started to have some weird breathing and a slight fever so I took him to urgent care where they did tests. Strep was positive and influenza was not. He was breathing heavily but the doctor figured it would go away with antibiotics (he thought it was most likely pain induced).

We started our little man on the antibiotics with hopes that in a day or two he would be back to near normal. That didn’t happen. Three days later he was still lethargic and breathing too heavily and now he was throwing up everything we tried to give him. It was time to hit the ER.They got him into a room and the first thing they did (besides blood pressure/respirations etc.) was take blood. It came back quickly with results that shocked even the doctors. His blood sugar was 365 and his a1c blood gasses were 11+ which was the highest the doctor had seen in a child that age. I’ll never forget the words – “We believe your son is diabetic. He’s breathing so heavily to try to clear the bad stuff out of his blood stream.”

That was the beginning of a journey of fear, sadness, learning, and hope. Our son was hospitalized for four days to gradually bring his blood gasses and blood sugars down to normal levels so he wouldn’t suffer
brain damage. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done, seeing my strong little man laying there so sick and helpless. I’ll tell you, late on the second day when he started to fuss at the nurses and refuse to do stuff, I was the happiest Mama on the planet.

Our whole family learned how to care for him, how to give him shots, how to count carbs and how to figure out how much insulin he would need before every meal. This weighed heavily on all of us…it is a huge responsibility to take on and it hurt to know that our son would never quite be the same…for one, his dream of joining the military was now gone. Forever.

Over the next month, we all learned so much and he can even give himself shots and check his blood sugar. His school is fabulous with letting us know how he does throughout the day and with adjusting their way of doing things for him. After about two or three weeks out of the hospital, his numbers dropped and he didn’t need quite so much insulin. He was supposed to get a shot of long-lasting insulin once a day and then we had to give him a certain amount of fast acting for what his blood sugar number was and a certain amount for how many carbs he would be eating at the meal. All of a sudden we were only giving him his long lasting insulin and we have gradually reduced that dosage from ten to seven units. He hasn’t had fast acting in a month. We are by no means under the impression that he will always be like this. We know that someday his pancreas will stop working so well and we will be back to multiple shots a day. But for now, we will count our blessings and rejoice.

After all of this happened, I had a mini breakdown. I cried and felt sick every time I even thought about marketing my books. I could still write but I couldn’t do twitter/fb/tumblr or any other thing that would help me sell books. So, I took a break to regroup with my family.

Through all of this I never once thought I would want to laugh in concern to my son’s diabetes. But here we are two months later and we laugh a lot. We joke about how in other cases a mom wouldn’t be able to stab her son so much and get away with it. When I ask him to give me a finger to do the blood prick on and he gives me his middle finger we joke about how this is the only time he is allowed to flip me off. When his blood sugar is the same as our house number we have a good laugh and say we won’t be forgetting to tell his school nurse that one because it is so easy to remember. (My memory is horrible!)

We did it! We found things to be happy/silly/crazy about in the worst possible of situations. And I think because of this I am back to writing and marketing full time. I am actually enjoying it. My amazing little eight-year-old can check his own blood sugar, give himself his own shot, calculate his insulin (when he might need the extra boost) and calculate his own carbs. He even has certain foods’ carb counts memorized. Every day he amazes me with his strength, knowledge and ability to pick it up after a hard day and do it all over again the next. He is my inspiration. He is what will keep me going. He is the reason I will be able to write what I want, market until my brain explodes (I really don’t enjoy it), and keep doing it all as much as needed. If he can do the amazing, I can do what is needed to keep my readers knee deep in stories and make sure I do everything in my power to get the word out to new readers.

Maybe someday, if you are interested, I will tell you about the signs of diabetes and how it was possible to miss them all. Did you know that it is common to miss the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in kids…Until next time!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I really hate doing these catch-up posts, but it is kind of necessary so you guys know who I am talking about.  I think next time I will have a meaningful blog about family interference or how tired everyone is of winter already... ;)

So, what have we been up to lately?  Well, truthfully, not much. Things are kind of on a steady path right now although we have a spike here and there.

Let's see, my career is doing well. I got my first little orange #1 Bestseller amazon banner in England - YIPEE!!! The Hubs and I are writing together (not sure if that was a part of the last update or not). And to top it off, he is about to venture out on his own. I can't wait. Right now we are gearing up for a new release (The second book in a series we wrote together). My brokenness is at a point where I really can't drive anymore. However, we know the problem but can't afford to fix it.  The muscles in my back (around my ribs) tighten to the point that it pulls on my hips - hence the problems bending and the constant pain. Now just to get them loosened. I am being treated with muscle relaxants, but they only work to an extent- the left side loosens up perfectly fine, but the right side just won't give way. And of course, to find out how to fix it, they need me to have an MRI. I can't afford that. We rarely use up our whole deductible with insurance, so it will be a while. In the meantime, it is exercises, muscle relaxants and hopefully a chiropractor here and there to see if we can fix it on our own. As for my chronic aura's/migraines, they have been bad this year - it really sucks not being able to read!

Gwen came back home for a while, but then chose to leave again. She doesn't talk to us much, but I hope she knows that we love her and that someday she will realize that we are not the cause of all of her problems no matter how much her Grandfather and aunt tell her we are.

The Sophomore - who is now The Junior is the
one who has had the most drastic changes in her life, Her socialization problems from her autism really did affect her social life and then WHAM!!! Suddenly she has a great group of friends and she spends more time away from home than she does here...well not quite, but to see her socialize and go places and have such great friends...wow, it is something I will always cherish. And on top of everything she is secretary of the Japan club at school and she is keeping herself organized enough to get A's and B's in school.  We are very happy and proud of her. She has picked a school in Montana that she likes for college - they have a different way of scheduling and I think it really fits her learning style better than a regular class schedule.

Miss Crazy is...not too crazy anymore. She has calmed a lot.  Unfortunately I think it is due to the fact that she is starting the wonderful world of early puberty.  I had to buy my 8 year old a bra...for the second time in my life.  Yep, we are in for it.  She is now very loving and helps her baby sister and little brother quite a lot. When the hormone's kick in though - she can be a holy terror. She is turning into an absolute beauty. She was born with more exotic features than the rest of my kids and has kept them. She still does very well in school and seems to have a
good group of friends...I'll let you know if the nickname needs to change.

Mr. Insane...well, he's still...insane. I love my boy dearly, but wow, he can be a handful and a half. He behaves perfectly at school - the teacher says he barely moves or talks unless he is told to, but then that means when he gets home he has the energy of ten...twenty...thirty kids? And ever since the terrors from across the street moved, it is like pulling teeth to get them to go outside. Therefore, we have a lot of screaming,yelling and craziness after school. If he wasn't so calm and good at school, they would have diagnosed him with ADHD already. He's a good kid though, he's just a boy who likes all of the crazy boy things that are loud and annoying. ha! Do I sometimes wish he would just sit down and play barbies with his sisters?  yep...but that's okay. What would life be without machinery and weapon sound effects! Ha!

Little Butt...Well, little butt isn't so little anymore. In just over two weeks she will be four.  Do you believe it?  She isn't a baby anymore :( However, she is smack dab in the middle of her threenage years and if I survive, just this one last time, I will think of parenting as a victory. She is still cute, still obsessed with my boobs, and still likes to be naked as much as possible. I send her to bed fully clothed and she comes to me in the morning completely nakey.  Sigh...I've given up that battle for now. Oh, and the best part is...she is potty trained!!! Fully!!! Day and night!!! Thank goodness. No more diapers for this mama...until grand kids come along. Phew!

I hope you have enjoyed our updates and I hope that I will be able to keep up with all of the new fans.  For now, if you can't find us at http://www.brokenwifeandmom.com please try http://www.brokenwifeandmom.blogspot.com. We are having server problems ATM.

Until next time...Cherish every moment you have with your family because you never know when a lying, cheating man will steal one of them from you. NOTE: Never just come out and tell your kids that their mate is cheating on them, it won't turn out good. GET PROOF!!! Oh yes, I went there - I'm not the big chicken I used to be. :)

DISCLAIMER: Remember, I write this like a journal so grammar will not be perfect. I like you to feel like we are sitting down for coffee together and chatting. Besides, I can't afford an editor for everything! Ha. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hey hey everybody!!! You probably didn't think you would ever see me again did you. Well, I'm back and better than ever...I hope :p

So, as most of you know, I've been waiting to find out what the heck is wrong with my hips because I don't have the money to visit the doctor. Well, I went today to get my checkup for my depression and anxiety and she let me talk about my hips!!!!! Wooo Hoooo.

First: We found out that it is most likely the muscles around my ribs that are causing the pain, tightness and pulling in my hips. Who woulda thunk it huh?

Second: She put me on muscle relaxants to try to fix this problem. If that doesn't work, then we will take x rays and go from there. There is a possibility that my ribs are either out of whack or the cartilage is inflamed.

Third: I am so flippin excited!!! What if I can become unbroken? What if I can LIVE again?  Believe it or not, my biggest fear is that you all won't love me anymore. :) Okay maybe I shouldn't be worried because I still have the migraines and the chronic back problems, but hey...

You are all probably wondering how the family is. Well, I'll tell you.

Gwen: Wow, she is one heck of a girl. We had a falling out last year but we are back together now and things are great. She is starting her second year of college and will be working part time. She has been great with helping me to drive and get everybody where they need to go.

The Junior: Yep, her nickname is changing because my second born is now a Junior!!!! She is an amazing girl. Quirky, funny and stubborn.  I hope to get her counseling again for her autism/social issues but other than that she is an amazing support to me.

Miss Crazy: She is still a bit crazy, and emotional, and starting to go through puberty and only eight...sigh. Yeah. She still suffers from middle child syndrome but we are working to make her feel involved and loved. She starts third grade this year!!!

Mr Insane: Still insane but he lets those sweet moments shine through once in a while. He sure does love his little sister (Most of the time). He starts first grade this year and will do just great!

Little Butt: She is crazy. She still likes running around nakie, she is now potty trained but it took a trip to the hospital with a sever bladder infection and severe constipation to get her there. She loves YouTube, and Disney Channel and will be doing some home preschooling this year.

The Hubs: The hubs is doing good. He is only working part time but we hope that will soon change. He helped me write my latest novel and is now a published author! It is so exciting for both of us.

Me: Well I'm okay besides the usual stuff. I have become a #1 bestselling Amazon author in a few countries (Cruise/Travel) and we are about to release another book that is sort of a prequel to all of the others I've written. As you know I gave up on blogging for a while, but as you can see, I couldn't stay away.

So, that's about it. We are all doing good and getting better. I hope all of you are doing great and if you aren't, just know that I am sending hugs and prayers out to those who need it.

Until next time...I'm just glad that I am able to write those three words again!!!

And remember, this blog is conversational - like we are having coffee together or you are reading my journal so you will have to excuse any grammar mistakes because I refuse to professionally edit a 'journal'.  Thanks for the support!

Monday, May 19, 2014


OKAY...so, the official announcement on my blog is this....As of right now, I am giving up Adventures of a Broken Housewife (and Mom). It was a wonderful experience for me and has helped my career in many ways. Unfortunately, the world of mommy blogging is not one I wish to be a part of anymore. I have met some wonderful, amazing people through the journey and I hope to remain fans and friends of these awesome ladies. But there is an aspect of the whole realm that I just can not be a part of at this point in my life. Moms need to be helpful and non judgmental to each other and I refuse to lower myself to a standard that is hurtful to anyone. I reserve the right to resurrect the blog if there comes a time when I have the time and patience to deal with the negativity. This has been an amazing experience - one that I will always cherish. Meanwhile my blog will still be located at http://www.brokenwifeandmom.com for anyone who wants to give it a read. Love and hugs to all of my friends, family and fans. Now is MY time to concentrate fully on my romance writing....sooooooo, wish me luck!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I was going to write about Miss Crazy's incompetent teacher, but I am still so very upset about what happened (no clue why, it's not something that was life threatening or super bad) that I think I will wait until I calm down a bit more. Maybe Monday or next Friday.  I guess I am probably just completely fed up with this district and that makes every little thing that happens bother me more.

How about this winter we've been having?  Holy smokes, I am as done with it as I am with NCSD - Natrona County School District #1!!!  As many of you who read this blog regularly know, I love the cold and I used to love the snow.  Not so much now that it hurts me to wade through it and walk carefully on the ice that comes after melting begins. It started off in October with about 16 inches in one day and we have basically had snow every few days since then.  Just when the earth turns brown again, someone sees fit to make it white! This weekend and of course starting before I pick the kids up today, we are expecting six to twelve inches, wind and below zero temps.

Now, I love the cold, but the below zero temps of this winter are just insane and can feel free to go away soon - as in before they get here with this storm. We have had the meter area of our water pipes freeze twice this year and it is a bit annoying. Will this be the last storm of the season?  Why do I have a feeling that it won't? I hope we at least get good weather for spring break (we have it a couple of weeks earlier than most of the country because NCSD is brilliant like that <<<dripping sarcasm>>>!)

So I propose that we get together and start a petition to mother nature using change.org...or have worldwide protests...or we spit in the face of old man winter...ah hell, who am I kidding. We will sit here and take it like the wuss's we are because really, we have no other choice. Winter will end eventually (I sure as hell hope) and it will be on to a beautiful spring and summer. And maybe, just maybe, all of the planets will align perfectly and I will be on my way to a warmer, less snowy place by the time the kids start the next school year.  Wow, now wouldn't that be great!

Until Next Time...Stay warm, if you love this kind of weather enjoy it, and by all means, don't hurt your hips shoveling snow!!! There is only room for one hip hurtin, broken mama on this blog...although a different blog would be kinda cool. ;)

NOTE: This blog, and any derivatives of it, are totally random, crazy, spur of the moment thoughts. I do not have a proofreader or an editor because then it would seem too stiff...less real. I sit down, I write, and then I publish. Period end of story. I refuse to write any other way (for Broken Housewife) because I want you all to feel like you know me, like we are having a conversation over coffee. Or better yet, like you are reading my personal journal. I don't know how many people have their journals professionally edited. I don't want you to feel like you are reading fiction or something, you know? And I am definitely not an editor/english teacher by any stretch of the imagination. That is why I hire someone to do it for my fictional works.

Think of this as a one sided dialogue we are having. Dialogue is far from 'the perfect written word', and that is the way I like having a blog be. I hope you'll stick around to have more coffee and conversation with the Broken Housewife.