Wednesday, December 19, 2012


You hear much talk about the 'terrible' twos/threes or the 'freaky' fours and yes they all have some major bad points, but to me the 'scary' sixes are the absolute worst year. It is a major threshold between little kid and big kid.  One minute he/she might be screaming and throwing a fit to rival any two year old and the next  they are sneaking make up and their sister's clothes to try to look older. Every six year old I've had (3 now at this point) has been moodier than a teenager on her period (or me when I'm pregnant, haha).

My crazy 6 year old
Truthfully my six year old, Miss Crazy, is about to give me a serious case of the roller coaster pukes.  A typical day for us involves a mean cycle of snuggles, screaming, pouting, anger, defiance and extreme joy.  I love waking up in the morning to hugs and I love you's because they are the best.  But it quickly turns into defiance as she decides she doesn't want to listen to me and either go play quietly so others can sleep or go get her clothes to get ready for school. There have literally been times when she has come into my room or her older sister's room and bothered us repeatedly just to see how much she can get under our skin. Can I have this, can I have that, can I have the other thing, can I do this.  It's enough to drive you nuts.  

Then, especially if her brother is awake too, the defiance is quickly followed by loud extreme joy at play. I'm talking running, screeching, smiling, and laughing so much that you wonder how she doesn't pass out from lack of oxygen (and you secretly wish you had ten percent of her energy)

Next comes the anger when she and her siblings get into it over something stupid. You know when she 'accidentally' steps on her brother's foot and he gets mad and a screaming fight ensues.

This phenomena is quickly followed by a screaming tantrum when either she gets in trouble for starting a fight or she doesn't get what she wants.  I tell you, that girl can really give my almost two year old a run for her money in the tantrum department, and she has that typical six year old girl high screechy voice that makes your ear drums bleed. 

When she doesn't win and have us bowing to her every whim, she quickly moves onto pouting.  And boy does she have the cutest damn pout face that is very hard to resist.  She has literally pouted for 2 hours before.  She's got it down! Then of course, the cycle starts all over again with the snuggles, which have I mentioned, are the best ever!

If you look closely, these aspects pretty much describe a two year old too.  So why why in the hell does it bother me so much more in a six year old than in a two year old? Well, I have come to a few conclusions. First of all, a two year old doesn't really know any better and a six year old is starting to learn better behaviors because they have started school.  (And believe me, you hope and pray that they act better at school than they do at home!) Second, a six year old can talk much better than a two year old can. And for me, the words 'no' or 'shut up' are much worse than just crying.  Oh, and the six year old can add crying on top of the words and it is just horrid to listen to. Third, the glare of a two year old is actually cute and sometimes very amusing (yes, I laugh at my child when she glares at me)  but the glare of a six year old can be serious business.  It can actually kind of  make you sad that your child could be that mad at you. (But don't give in of course!)

By the time the child turns seven things rapidly get better over the next few years.  Even pre-teens and teens are much better to me, but that is another story. I believe I am of the minority out there who love the 'terrible' twos/threes and even the 'freaky' fours compared to the 'scary' sixes.  If I could skip that year and come out at 'settling in' seven I would gladly do it.  Of course I am right in the middle of all of this right now and I do often wonder if some of Miss Crazy's  quirks are caused by the fact that she is the middle child which means she is the much younger sibling to two and the older sibling to two.  It is a wonder she isn't really crazy yet! But then what explains my older two girls going through the. same. damn. thing. at that age.  My kids are either screwy or it is a natural part of growing up.  Either way, I'll take my six year old any day.  She was my fist kid as an older mom and is sweet, happy, and crazy wonderful...when she wants to be.  I just keep reminding myself that she won't be six forever.

Until next time...I once had a respected educator tell me that a child who misbehaves at home and behaves at school has parents that are doing everything right.  If that is the case, I'm the best mom ever!!! ;)


Mommeeof4 said...

I couldn't help but nod and chuckle along. You described my six year old perfectly!

JJ Ellis said...

They are a unique breed. lol :)

Erika Flores said...

My daughter just turned 6 but everything you described she did at 5. I hope she gets better! I can't stand those tantrums. I call her the Tantrum Queen. Lol
E. Martinez

JJ Ellis said...

Maybe she hit her scary six early! I wish you the best of luck and I hope things calm down soon! <3
JJ Ellis

JD @ Honest Mom said...

Yup. This is my daughter, too. She is going to be 7 soon and the tantrums are slowing down - THANK GOD! You know, 5 was hard with her too - mostly her 1st half of kindergarten, when she was 5 and 1/2. Tantrums galore. Yikes!

JJ Ellis said...

Yes! Now that I think about it, the last half of Kindergarten was bad for us too. I wonder if it has to do with new influences at school. Hmmmm I will have to research that. lol Thanks for visiting my blog <3