Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We have been to Alaska twice and this is the one place that we insisted on seeing both times - Mt. Roberts in Juneau, AK.  It has to be the most beautiful place on earth.  Plus you can see animals that are being rehabilitated or can't be rehabilitated and are being used to teach.  We get to the mountain via Mt. Roberts Tramway and the view on the way up is fantastic! (you can also hike up)

Looking down on Juneau - That is our cruise ship below.

Beautiful Scenery along the hiking path

Look at how the trees are all twisted!

More beautiful scenrery

I love that snow capped mountain in the distance!

Hiking trail in the woods!

Love these twisted trees!

4 of the 5 kids enjoying the scenery

Breathtaking vistas!

This is from a look out point where nine years before we had seen a squirrel in that same tree

The tram!

View from the mountain

Everything I love - brush, trees and mountains

I love these tree carvings

One of the injured wildlife they use as a teaching tool. She was a beauty!

Until Next Time...Next week will be Skagway, AK

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