Thursday, December 27, 2012


When it is hard to deal with the pain I find things I can do to take my mind off of it.  These pictures represent one of the things I used to do.  (Now I just blog ;)) I hope you enjoy them and get a good laugh.
She is still like that 3 years later!

Aww <3

Those of you who read my previous blog posts will get this one :)

She used to rock this look a lot!

She actually did! haha


Again, for those of you who read my previous blog posts ;)

I made this one for my mom when she was feeling down.

She often rocked this look too :)

I sneezed while taking pictures and scared her.  Oops!

I'm sure she said this quite often ;)

Yeah, this happens a lot. lol

I just love this one although more likely she was praying to the  Boobie Gods :/

Had to be fast!


She is a very contemplative child :)

They are best friends :D

She absolutely hated her crib!  She slept in it for a total of 6 hours her first year and a half :/


Erika Flores said...

Too cute

JJ Ellis said...

Aww thanks! I have great subjects :)

Deb CG said...

Cute. :) Ah, the trials and tribulations of weaning!

JJ Ellis said...

Haha yes! :)

Lisa Nolan said...

These are priceless! Have you heard of She's on our Moms Who Write and Blog Pinterest board and she takes photo submissions including captions: To die for! She just did a holiday caption contest.

JJ Ellis said...

Thanks! :) I have 3 facebook albums full of these. Haha. I have not heard of her. I will definitely go check it out! :)