Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The #1 complaint I hear on my social networking sites is about family drama during the holidays.  I admit that if we spent holidays with extended family there might be some drama in there somewhere (with tons of people, there usually is) and it would probably drive me nuts.  And yes, there is always some drama with kids around. The senior taking over the holiday celebration like she is a mom- enjoy yourself kid, the freshman getting a  bit overwhelmed occasionally, Miss Crazy getting into everything she isn't supposed to mess with, Mr. Insane getting way too tired and loud and Little Butt claiming that everything is 'mine'. Yep it all sure can get annoying, but it really isn't all that bad. I guess you could say it's normal.

My #1 holiday complaint this year - Toy pieces everywhere!!! This may sound familiar to some of you who read my Board Games Banned blog. In it I was freaking out about my kids always losing and misusing small game/toy pieces. I thought this year I would have to worry only about the Candy Land board game that Santa brought for Miss Crazy. I must have been stoned out of my mind to not realize how much more stuff I would have to worry about getting lost and misused  And I don't go anywhere near drugs! This mommy brain crap is getting way out of hand. I want to think straight again! Now what was I talking about? Easter presents? Making a sandwich? Oh no wait, I remember, Christmas presents with lots of small pieces!

Now, just a note, Lego's have never bothered me before. . .yeah, that is over now. Mr. Insane got a tub of Lego's and a toy tool set with about a billion screws and bolts and such. Miss Crazy got the board game and a 250 piece art set with a million (okay only 250) crayons, paints, pencils and chalk. Little Butt got her own bucket of Lego's  and all three of them share a kitchen with tons of play food and pots and pans. [I'll be right back, I have to go see if I have some Valium. I'm starting to shake and maybe hyperventilate] Okay, so the above mentioned toys are only the ones they got from Santa, I won't go into the ones from family to spare myself the nervous breakdown that would follow.

When I walked out to the living room from taking a nap, I saw pieces parts laying everywhere - from the kitchen to the living room. I swear there were Lego's, crayons and plastic fruit calling out to me 'save us, we don't want to get lost' Okay, not really, but I have a good imagination.

So far, all is well and we haven't lost much...yet. An occasional marker tip or notepad I can live with. I really am not looking forward to the next few weeks though, watching as one by one each multi- piece toy becomes unusable. I will probably wish I had a real prescription for Valium because YES it bothers me that much when toys aren't taken care of. Or maybe I just hate kids whining about not being able to play with their new toys anymore. . . Hmmmm, I'll have to think about that.

I say "hips, heal thyself so I can make sure toys are kept and put away properly." Yes, I am nuts, but my family loves me and I hope you do too.

Until next time. . .I hope you are looking forward to a fabulous new year!

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