Wednesday, December 12, 2012


You know those little quirks our kids have that are so utterly cute yet also sometimes completely annoying. I like to call them mini obsessions. Usually they grow out of one and then start another, but not my baby, she puts one aside for a short while but then it comes roaring back.

The first obsession for Little Butt that I remember was with music. Not all music, but with a particular song. It would calm her down when she was fussy, help her fall asleep, and give her exercise by dancing even before she could use her feet much. What could be negative about that you might ask?  Well lets see, we listen to the same song at least 20 (literally) times a day every day.  Enough said. Her first favorite song was Firework by Katy Perry, followed quickly by ET by Katy Perry.  Then after a long while she decided that Take A Hint by Victoria Justice was the song she liked the best.  And now she is on to Gangnam Style by PSY. If she gets upset or is bothering me while I work, we just break out the music in sister’s room and everything is good for everyone.  Except of course for the bleeding ears from listening to the same song over and over and over…

The next obsession we noticed was when she started to eat real food (not purees) She would not eat anything from her own plate during breakfast or lunch.  Dinner on the other hand she ate from her own plate with no problem.  It really was kind of cute, all begging sweetly for food and turning up her cute little nose anytime someone would try to giver her something from her own plate.  But it was also annoying.  Her siblings weren’t all too keen on sharing their food so that would make them fussy and if they didn’t give it up right away that would make her fussy, so guess who shared most of her food.  Yep it was mommy. It’s a good thing I thought to put extra food on my plate! But still, she was supposed to be learning to feed herself and she wouldn’t even go near her own plate. How she ever learned to use silverware so early is beyond me. This obsession is getting a lot better, but there are those weeks where she wants what everyone else has even if it is what she has too. Like I said before, her obsessions never go away they are always there in some way or another.

And of course obsession #2 led to the third obsession - with drink. My Little Butt was never a bottle baby so by the time we got her to take a sippy cup she was also into drinking out of a straw. Which means that she drank out of our cups. Low and behold, it wasn’t long before she refused her own cups and just stole from ours. Again it was adorable with her asking “I dink, I dink?” and looking all innocent and cute.  But sharing drinks is the first way to pass along sicknesses quickly and sure enough we were all passing viruses around like a dealer dealing cards at a poker table. The only drink that she will take from her own cup is milk.  Anything else has to be from one of our cups or she will refuse to drink.  Needless to say I drink healthy stuff these days just so she can stay hydrated but then that leads me to being dehydrated. Hmmm I see a viscous circle in many ways with this one.

Obessesion number four started with our family's problem with dry lips.  If Little Butt sees chapstick, lip gloss, or lip stick she puckers her little lips, points to them and says ‘mmmm, mmmm, mmmm’ until you give her some - over and over and over...  One day she even walked over to me with her sister’s glue stick asking me to put it on her.  Um no, she isn’t a loud child so I really didn't want to glue her lips shut.  My son on the other hand…or even my oldest two when they fight… nah that would be wrong ;).The rule in our house now is that if you need to put something on your lips you either have to be willing to share - a lot, or sneak away to put it on where the baby can’t see you. And since she is ALWAYS with me, I have had chapped lips for months! haha

Bad habits from siblings led to obsession number five. My older kids are horrible about freaking out when someone sits down in the seat they have claimed is theirs, so guess who picked up on that?  Yep, my Little Butt. It's not that she gets mad if you steal her seat, it's that she will steal your seat to make you freak out. She will run over to someone’s seat, sit in it and then refuse to move  - all with the biggest shit eating grin on her face.  She is truly a little turd.  The only thing that bothers me about this one is that every time she takes MY seat, it is when I am hurting and really need to sit. But you know, it’s not so bad sometimes because that shit eating grin is just so darn cute and I love it that she is beginning to know how to play her bossy older siblings!

Now, her sixth and latest obsession is probably the cutest and most annoying.  Shortly after she gets up in the morning and immediately after we get home from going somewhere off come the shoes, then the pants, then the diaper, then the shirt.  I can not keep her dressed at home to save my life. She can even undo duct tape on her diaper.  Yes it is very cute watching chubby little baby butt waddle around the house, but it isn’t so fun cleaning up pee all the time and waking up after dozing off to baby butt on your face.  Did I mention that it is winter in Wyoming and she has to be freezing her bum off, but apparently isn’t.  I think if she got a cold (even though I know that viruses cause colds and not the temperature) I would feel bad.  But short of excess gluing and taping I’m at a loss of what to do except wait for her to move on to something else. But then again she doesn't really move on, so am I going to have to worry about her running around the house naked as a teenager??? Goodness I hope not! And as she does get older I can only imagine what the next obsession will be. I am truly shaking in my boots.

Until next time…(Yes I purposefully left out one of her obsessions because I addressed it in a previous blog post entitled. STEP AWAY FROM THE BOOBS AND NO ONE GETS HURT. Check it out!)


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Both of my kids (24 months and 6 months) are huge fans of that Psy song too! Once it starts playing, we have to keep it on repeat or else...

JJ Ellis said...

Yep repeat, repeat, repeat... My 22 month old actually tries to sing it which is just so darn cute :)