Monday, December 10, 2012


Skagway was the last stop for us in Alaska.  My heart broke when I had to step foot back onto the ship.  After that it was viewing Misty Fjord and then onto Canada.  I did not want to go home.  I think this little town would be perfect to settle in ;)

Walk into town from the ship
Right by the docks it is the tags of cruise lines that visit

Look at those clouds!

All of the little boats (compared to our ship)

It is a gorgeous walk into town.

Places to stop and rest and take pictures along the way.

Beautiful scenery to keep your eyes busy on the walk

Overlooking a little pond

Beautiful little pond/park

More pond/park

River rushing by

Gardens and plants along the walk

Flowers :)

Touristy part of town - love the old buildings

More touristy part of town

Beautiful Greenery

Another view of the river

More gorgeous greenery

The walk back to the docks

Beautiful red building out of nowhere

A ship, the mountains and the clouds

Busy harbor

Do you see the skull???

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