Monday, October 14, 2013


They share everything
Including tummy bugs :(
Guess how many people left my house today?  Two.  The Hubs and Miss Crazy. Miss Crazy was sick Saturday and yep, the boy was throwing up all day yesterday, the baby all evening and although they feel better and aren't technically sick anymore, they are worn out.  Myself, Gwen and the Sophomore have tummy aches but haven't gotten 'sick' yet. Gwen has an earache and The Sophomore has a sore throat.  Allergies and the stomach flu have taken over our house.  What is with all of the tummy bugs this year.  This is my third in about three months!  It's crazy.  Of course my stomach is pretty ruined form the supplements I was taking and it could be another six months before I am back to normal but still, enough is enough!  I hate it when my tummy is sick!

And I hate watching my poor kiddos are retching. :(. I stayed home with Mr. Insane because he wanted his mommy (aww <3) while the rest of the family went out to eat.  Well before their dinner could even get there, Little Butt got sick so they packed up the food and came home. What a fun Sunday evening it was...haha (You know I'm just kidding right?) Although, the snuggles were so sweet!

At least the Hubs, Gwen and The Sophomore got some great volunteering in  yesterday before the puke hit the fan. (um sorry about that, have been wanting to say that for years). They all headed out to Sam's Club to get support for Operation Shoebox - care packages for the troops. It was a great experience for the younger ones.  Gwen was able to see the joy of helping people while getting credit for a class assignment in volunteerism and The Sophomore was able to get out and get some socialization (9 times out of ten when I mention a family activity, she isn't there because it is hard for her, like going out to dinner above, she was with me and Mr. Insane) This was good for her though. She lasted longer than everyone thought AND she had a good time!

Oh hey, do you want an update about Mr. Insane and his fall festival happenings?  He did so much better this year.  He still had trouble with the face painting and ended up not doing it. He got a hand tattoo instead. But he did a lot of other activities and even won some vampire teeth and made some sketch it things. The festivities weren't as good this year, but they were still fun.  The little's had a blast which is the best thing. And I got to eat nachos which I don't get to eat at home often because I'm pretty much the only one who likes nacho cheese. All in all, I think my little boy will be just fine. He truly is coming out of his shell!

Until Next Time...When your kiddos are sick snuggle them close. Yeah, you will probably get sick, but the snuggles and loves are so worth it!

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