Friday, October 4, 2013


It is such a beautiful fall day here in Casper, WY. This weather we've had lately is typical of fall, hot, cold, in between. The leaves are starting to change too which I think is one of the most beautiful things in the world. We woke up to a beautiful landscape this morning. Would you like to see it?  I hope so because I'm going to  show you anyway! LOL

Got tired shoveling the front porch

My daughter's car!

Miss Crazy and Mr. Insane in their new winter jackets

Cars, homes and trees covered

Can't see into the side yard because of our barrier of snow!

Poor tree losing branches all night and snow falling off to shake the house!

The makeshift walkway to the street

The plows actually came through early

I wish I had someone to shovel my walk like my neighbor does!

I'm cold are you?

Kids playing with the neighbor!

My poor car!  She is buried!

My neighbor's back steps!

I don't think we will be grilling tonight! ;)

Well, we got a snow day today as you can probably tell.  The school district that hates calling snow days didn't have a choice because the whole town is under a code red - no unnecessary travel.  But the Hubs still had to go to work because you know, shopping at a bulk store is a necessity when the roads are nearly impassible. haha! So I am settled in to a nice day with ALL of the kids. Hey, it's Friday and now we have a three day weekend!  Let's have some fun...or do chores...or both!

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