Monday, August 5, 2013


Sorry folks but there will be no blog today 8/5/2013.  Having some family issues I need to take care of so I am taking a day off. I'll be back sometime this week. And soon I will present you with  an essay on how I have observed that  large families (or groups of any kind) work the best.  How if you don't stick together, share, compromise and work as a team you fail. And if you let people purposefully mess with that dynamic you can kiss your family/group/unit goodbye. 

Yeah, I know, a joyous subject but it has been something I have been working on for the last year, as a matter of fact I started it a year ago exactly, and is one of the reasons why I started this blog which is therapeutic for me. So, enjoy your day off from my ramblings, and I will see you very soon.

<3 Your favorite broken housewife and mom. 

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