Friday, August 16, 2013


Last night was back to school/meet the teacher for the littles. We gathered up all of the school supplies and headed to their little school. Miss Crazy was excited to see old teachers and friends and Mr. Insane was excited to start a new adventure all while being very nervous. And me?  Well, I was just emotional to see my little boy in a classroom and around other kids.

She's going to miss him!
This year they are doing things differently for the kindergartners. The first three or four days of school are only partial days. One reason is to let the little cuties get used to being away from home.  And the second is to be able to do evaluations to see which kids need a bit of help and which kids already know their stuff.  Mr. Insane will probably be in the needs help section, at least for awhile.  As most of you know, I don't believe in teaching kids too early and on top of it all, he learned a lot of stuff from his siblings just through filtering down but he forgot a lot of it when we had the great Singulair disaster.  He literally forgot a lot of stuff he used to know because of that horrible medicine.  But he will catch up quickly (as long as he doesn't rebel by not listening to the teacher. lol)  The knowledge is there, it just needs to come back out.

I don't like the fact that my days will be totally trashed because of the weird kindergarten schedule the first week, but I do like the fact that they won't be trying to teach the kids at the same time as they are doing the assessments to decide which group they are in. That just created a lot of confusion for a lot of kids.  Mr. Insane has his evaluation on the Tuesday which is cool.  Get it out of the way! But the kids are going crazy not knowing which teacher they will have yet.  By the end of the week they will have a 'home' teacher but in this district most of the schools have the teachers share responsibility.  They might have one teacher for math and one for reading and then the other for science etc.

He's going to be doing a lot of this soon!
One thing that really irks me...On thursday I think it is, I will literally have to pick up the boy and come home only to have to leave again a half hour later to pick up The Sophomore and then head over to pick up Miss Crazy.  It's just too hot to head to the school to sit in the car with everybody to wait for The Sophomore to get out.  At least Little Butt can crawl in and out of the car by herself now and all I have to do is hook her in. Yay for kids getting older. haha

SIDE NOTE: Sent an email to the high school protesting some bogus fines and they erased them all, even the ones we were willing to pay.  I love making people fear me. :p

Until Next Time...Don't let your kids see you break down on the first day of school, it just makes them anxious. I never really broke down with my kids until Miss Crazy and even then it was only a couple of tears in the car after I left her in her classroom. But with Mr. Insane I'm getting teary eyed every day leading up to it.  I'm going to have to kick him out of the car and let his sister remind him where his classroom is and then boob all the way home and have Little Butt say "it okay mama, you no cry please." :D

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