Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Nowadays you sometimes wonder if there are any generous people left on the planet.  There is so much murder, self righteousness, judgement and meanness here. It is kind of sad really.  And then someone does something out of the blue to help someone, or just plain make someone's day better.  I was graced with one of these wonderful people just the other day.

I was going about my business, working on the social media blitz for my novel, (failing miserably thus far :/) when I received a notice on my Facebook. Someone I knew as a fellow February 2011 mom had tagged me in a post.  It seems that someone had anonymously bought me a portrait of my Rizzy girl. (I'd been trying to win a free one for her last two or three facebook contests!)  If you don't know about Rizzy, go check out this post about her here PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

Needless to say, I was floored!  I cried, I giggled, I was speechless (yeah I know, never happens right?) I couldn't believe someone had been kind enough to do this for me.  Someone really understood how much Rizzy meant to me and how much I miss her to this day. I thanked the portrait artist and asked her to pass along a great big thank you to whoever bought this wonderful keepsake for me. I wish there was more I could do for this person, but other than mentioning them in my upcoming book and writing this blog post, I don't know what else I could do.  But like many generous people, they probably don't need more than a basic thank you.  I know when I give from my heart, I don't need anything in return.  Seeing (or hearing about) tears, a smile, a grateful receiver is more than enough.  So to you Mr./Ms. Anonymous - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will often wonder who you are, one of my friends, a family member, a blog fan, a book fan.  But truthfully if I never find out who did this I will be okay, and you know why?  Because this simple thing gives me hope for the human race.  There still are people out there who love and give generously of their hearts, wallets and time.  True feel good moments are rare these days, and this old mom was just on the receiving end of one!!!

Until Next Time...Give of yourself and ask nothing in return because in all actuality you will get something in return.  You will get the satisfaction of knowing that you affected someone's life positively.  You will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have given hope to the human race.

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Heather {Desperately Seeking} said...

Oh this gave me chills! I love random acts of kindness.... it's beautiful!

JJ Ellis said...

That is how I felt when it happened Heather! Glad I could share it with you. <3

momof3harriskidd said...

Some days you can almost forget there really are good people out there. What a wonderful gift!! You are such a giving, loving person you deserve it!
Love ya :)

JJ Ellis said...

Thanks Na! <3

Jessica from The Wondering Brain said...

This is an awesome post! The random act of kindness always gives me a little bit of a tear. How wonderful for you :)

JJ Ellis said...

Thanks Jessica! :)

Jen said...

How amazing! I always tell my son that a true good deed is one you don't need to be recognized for. Sounds like you got one of those!

JJ Ellis said...

I did get one of those Jen! I will be forever grateful. :)