Monday, November 19, 2012


        Because of my physical limitations, I used to be sad most of the time. I used to feel sorry for myself a lot too - until recently. (Oh boy, you should have seen some of the rockin’ pity parties I’ve had!) I’ve recently begun trying to retrain myself to be happy with what I can do and not worry so much about what I can’t.
I can’t go outside and roughhouse with the kids often (I bet my neighbors are glad they don’t have to see my fat butt running with a football or Frisbee), but I can make sure they are safe and then set them free to discover and create their own joys and methods of play. And most importantly I can be here to share the joys and hardships of their young lives. I get to be the first one to see their fresh, flushed faces and hear their near breathless joy when they first come inside from an exciting outdoor adventure. I can be the first one (and sometimes the only one) they share their adventures with!
I can’t spend all day making sure my family has a clean and comfortable house to live in, but I can help the kids by teaching  them how to keep their lives and houses organized and clean. I can also think up awesome room schematics and decor ideas that make their living space more comfortable. And I can turn a cleaning session into a fun group bonding moment.  I pick a room amid many moans and groans about the chore and I sort through drawers, boxes and mail while the kids do the organizing and straightening.  The afternoon quickly turns into an impromptu jam/gossip session and not only do we get to have a great time together, we get a clean comfortable room.
I can’t work outside of the home (I really, really miss retail during the holidays… and no, I’m not crazy I promise!), but I can always be there to give the kids anything they need. I can be their confidant, life coach and support system all rolled into one.  Because I don’t work, we can’t afford a lot of  ‘cool’ things for them, but I can help them enjoy what we do have.  Most of all, I can teach them that no matter what, all jobs have worth. Whether a job is inside or outside of the home or paid or not paid, hard work is hard work and we all need to do our best.
I can’t sit on the floor to play games with the family  but I can help them create ideas and ways to play while sitting next to me on the couch or bed.  I realized a long time ago that it was a good idea to keep old removable shelves from bookcases that we discard because they make great card tables and drawing surfaces! And all of the kids learn to drag a chair across the room at an early age in case they want to play near me but not right next to me.  Granted, it isn’t all totally smooth going because we always have to dig through the couch to find missing Legos and game pieces, but we have just as much fun playing my way as we would the traditional way.
I won’t lie, it has been a long road to ’positive land’, but it is worth it.  Life is so much better when you are happy with yourself.  There are a lot of things I can’t do, but there is so much more that I can! I have a lot to give my friends and family if they are willing to accept it.

Until Next time…<3


Mommeeof4 said...

What a positive message for us moms! We do want to be all cans, but it just isn't humanly possible. You help with perspective, something sorely missing in our current culture. Thank you!

JJ Ellis said...

You are very welcome! I am glad to know that people are enjoying and being touched by what I have to say. <3

shortcake said...

Great reminder to look at the positives that we have around us when the negatives seem to be weighing us down!

JJ Ellis said...

Thanks! <3

Debra said...

I love this entry! Sometimes we focus more on what we can't do and what we don't have rather than focusing on the positives. This is something I know I need to work on!

JJ Ellis said...

I'm still working on it Debra but it is so worth it! Best of luck <3