Thursday, November 22, 2012


Over the last month I have seen people posting day by day what they are thankful for.  It is a really nice thing to do, but I just couldn't do that because I would most likely forget to do it most of the time. Haha

So I figured I would do my Thankful list all at once on here instead of one of the social networking sites.

I am thankful for:
1. My kids who I love dearly even if they drive me nuts

2. My husband who I also love dearly even though he drives me nuts.

3. My home which isn't my dream home but it keeps me warm and dry and we are making a lot of great memories in it!

4. My country which might have problems but for now is free and beautiful.

5. My friends who no matter how far apart we are still support me.

6. My family (mom,aunts, uncles, brothers, cousins, in laws etc) who I don't see often but talk to all the time thanks to Facebook and email!

7. The internet that allows me to start my career and stay in touch with my friends and family

8. My dog, he might be totally crazy but he does offer me sweet kisses and stress relief.

9. My group of ladies who keep me sane and offer me love and support and I have only met one of them in person!

10. My supporters - All of the people who support this blog and my Facebook page. This endeavor makes me the  happiest I've been in years and for that I am grateful. <3 to you all.

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