Monday, November 5, 2012


     What does a housewife and mom with physical limitations do all day? Does she sit on her Throne and eat slimy, icky stuff like Jabba the Hutt(or on the couch and eat Bon Bon's like a stereotypical housewife)?  Truthfully, stereotypes and comparisons like that offend me, but also in truth I do have an occasional day where I do absolutely nothing physically or mentally.  Chronic pain can motivate you some days and knock you on your ass some days.  And this is the story of my life.
     Do I cook three square meals a day, clean every inch of the house, do dishes, do at least two loads of laundry, take the kids to two different parks and 'service' my husband before bed everyday?  Well, no I don't (and if you do, might I say wow, just wow!)  However, I also don't sit on the couch eating Bon Bons, ignoring my kids and having sex chats online all day either.  And I don't keep my kids on leashes and whip them if they don't keep my house spotless (have you ever seen my house 0-o). I do have relatives however that think the above is how I live my life and yeah that hurts, but it is a subject for another blog. 
     My true life is somewhere in the middle. I do my share of sitting on the couch playing games and on Facebook, but it is usually when the pain gets to be too much and I need to get my mind off of it.  I do pay all of the household bills (the family better hope nothing happens to me because I am the only one who knows all of the passwords, user names and account information ;p). I do the doctor visits and appointments for the kids plus I am majorly involved in menu creation and grocery shopping with The Shooter or The Senior.  I can fold laundry, help cook occasionally especially if it is something I can do sitting down, do dishes occasionally and once in awhile I can manage a major cleaning job in the kitchen or bathrooms (Yeah, my kids do a lousy job hoping I will magically heal and do it myself from then on - I WISH!!!). But sometimes it just gets too icky and I have to take charge as best as I can.
     So how do I keep my house decent you might ask??? Well, I have four kids who do chores nightly for 30-60 minutes(takes them longer usually though because they goof off, get distracted by the TV and pretend to go to the bathroom etc.).  But we work together and manage just fine. :)
     My biggest role in the house is 'whip cracker' [Figuratively people, FIGURATIVELY!] I organize, problem solve, arrange, discipline, and offer emotional support and love. And believe you me, you haven't played war games with a four year old boy until you have ambushed troops from a stationery position on the couch (with fire burning it's way down the outside of your thighs) and won. Now that is what I call fun. :D
     The next time someone with chronic pain or injury says they don'y want to, or can't do something, give them the benefit of the doubt. Let them give you what they can - amazing ideas, emotional support, fun, love and so much more. Believe me, it will be enough.
     Now off to fix lunch and pick up the living room for the second time. Yes that is another thing I do, although by 4:00 you really can't tell and the kids take over for that round of chores. 

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Ariana Warner said...

Sounds like you have a pretty good system. Nobody needs a perfect house, and having the older 4 help every night is good for all of you! I loved the part "pretending to go to the bathroom".One of my kids does that EVERY time chores are handed out. Stays in just long enough to hope I've forgotten about him...ha!

JJ Ellis said...

I am so glad my kids aren't the only ones who do the bathroom thing! And of course now the older ones have taught the younger ones to do it. Oh my! :/ <3