Wednesday, November 21, 2012


       Our children reach many milestones throughout the years that let us know that they are growing. We are sad to see them walk because it means they are no longer our little babies. But it is also a time for joy because it means our children are healthy and becoming productive little humans. We are sad when they start talking because it means a loss of innocence (you know, the whole talking back thing) but it also means that they are growing up and will soon be able to communicate easier and this makes us happy.
Recently my 5 year old son hit a milestone, one that all of my kids have hit. It made me sad just like it did with the others and the emotions involved puzzled me to no end. One day, with no warning, my sweet little boy graduated from Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins to Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Kickin’ It.  He started to prefer big kid shows over little kid shows. Don’t get me wrong, he still enjoys cartoons, but instead of watching them all day, every day, 80% of our TV time involves shows that have real live people in them!
I wracked my brain for over a week trying to find something positive about all of this, and well, I found nothing. Plain and simple, this milestone means that he is growing up. It doesn’t’ give me the joy of knowing he is healthy and on schedule developmentally like most other milestones.  It just means he is one step closer to leaving me. Boo Hoo!!!
Most people who know me well know that I am that mom. You know, the one that sheds a few tears with every new milestone.  In the end, it just feels like a majority of them are happy tears.  But not with this one. This time they were definitely sad tears that I shed along with a couple of barely audible sobs. Really, they weren’t that loud I swear.
I guess you could say that milestones are, in a word, bittersweet - that is until your child decides they like real people more than animated ones.  After that you better prepare yourself for a world of heartbreak. Before you know it they are ditching you for friends and girlfriends, moving out and getting married. Waaaahhhhhhh!!!
One good thing, my youngest (Little Butt) has no real interest in TV so perhaps I can escape this horrible milestone with her… I can always hope!


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