Thursday, November 15, 2012


     I’m not sure if I am the only one with this affliction or not, but I would love some feedback from my readers on this one.
I don’t know why this tends to be so embarrassing for me, but here goes…My name is JJ and I’m a mom of 5 and wife of 1 and I am obsessed with re-arranging my living room.  I do this at LEAST 2-4 times a year no matter what.  It isn't something that I can predict or control. It just  happens. One day I am sitting there and doing nothing when WHAM, I know that the next free day for the family will be spent with me walking around like a robot re-arranging or supervising my living rooms transformation. Truly people, I have no choice in the matter. I have to do it . I’m too afraid to find out what would happen if I ignored the urge. I think it is a possibility that my head might explode.
I used to wrack my brain for hours after the deed is done wondering why I did this.  Super Shooter thought it bordered on OCD. I thought it might be that it is one time when I know that I can get my living room 100% clean. Everything is organized and placed properly and every nook and cranny is dusted and vacuumed.  It is the one day that my living room looks perfect.  Eventually I decided I was right but if you think about it, I guess it could be said that this affliction is all about a person who is OCD about cleaning, dealing with having 5 kids and 2 adults living in a small space.  It is a coping mechanism.  As much as it pains me to admit it, Super Shooter was partially correct.
In an effort to clamp down on this behavior, I have tried a couple of things. First, I have doled out punishments for chores not done properly to myself and the kids (i.e. nooks and crannies not vacuumed.  I hate crumbs under couch edges and against the bottom of furniture.) After all, if the house stays spotless, there would be no need to re-arrange to get a good cleaning right? Yeah, it didn't work, I’m not sure my kids are capable of doing chores properly (I love them with all my heart anyway) I guess I just have to keep making them practice, after all, if they can keep their own houses clean they may escape this horrendous affliction ;). And truthfully, who doesn't like skipping chores occasionally to just relax or have fun with the family!?!?
I have also taken over all of the detailed parts of cleaning to the detriment of my physical well being but that didn't work either. No one does well with a mom stuck on the couch writhing in pain. And believe me, mom doesn't enjoy it either! So, for now we all just live with my problem (you should see the look the kids give me when I announce a re-arrange…bahaha!) and enjoy a perfect living room at LEAST 2-4 times a year.
     Oh and as you will probably come to notice, I also like to change the background/profile pic/cover photo on my blog and Facebook page a lot. Not just once in awhile, A LOT! But that has nothing to do with needing a clean living room so I wonder why??? Hmmm...

Until next time…Have a wonderful week before Thanksgiving!

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