Thursday, September 5, 2013


And no, it is not for me.  I am not going to become a mom of 6 thank you very much!

Shall we talk about pee for a bit? The ultrasound was for Little Butt. As most of you  know, she had the UTI a few weeks ago and any kid under age 5 who gets one needs an ultrasound to rule out structural problems in their system.  So early this morning (because they can't eat or drink for 4 hours beforehand) We loaded her up and took her to the radiologist office and got her ultrasound.

My super shy baby girl was taken in with me and put on a table. She doesn't like strangers at all so she clung to my hand.  The tech was awesome though she let her feel the wand that was used to 'take the pictures' and she talked soothingly to her throughout. My shy baby that used to cry around strangers just laid there and did as the tech asked without me having to help her or ask her.  I was so proud!

My pee holder when she was in ER for infection
The ultrasound was quick and easy and we were out of there in no time. She got a juice box, a sucker and a 3D butterfly sticker.  She was one happy girl!!! LOL Now we wait for the results.  My gut tells me that everything is developed properly because now I know why she got the infection.  I never thought about it before, but this little girl holds her pee way too long.  She isn't afraid of the toilet but sometimes refuses to go on it as is usual with potty training. She hates peeing in diapers for the most part but sometimes will only use the diaper (pull up actually) so she just holds it until she absolutely has to go.  She can literally wake up with a dry diaper and not go for hours, but it isn't because she is dehydrated, because when she finally does go, she floods everything!!!

I don't know how to get her to stop! If I force her onto the toilet she becomes afraid of it and I can't force her to go in her diaper. Running water doesn't even help.  And all of my kids have been champion pee holders for absolutely no reason. I literally had 3 month olds wake up dry and finally flood the diaper three hours later...I truly think it is genetic though because I was like that my whole life (until after kid 3) I would literally hold it for up to ten hours (Sometimes without really realizing it) and the only time I ever had infections was after I had the kids. So, if the tests come back okay I will have to get together with the doctor and see if he knows ways to get her to stop holding it or ways to prevent infections if I can't. I am grateful that she likes cranberry juice so maybe that will be a solution.

My son has already had two accidents at school because he doesn't realize he is holding it in the morning and won't go. I literally have to force him to go before school every day. I guess it is safe to say that my family is pee challenged. LOL

Until Next Time...Don't hold your pee! It's not good for you. :p

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