Monday, September 16, 2013



By the title you are probably thinking 'uh oh, she's going to get on her soapbox again'. But dang it, I'm really tired of people not having common courtesy anymore.  I think this world would be a better place if people would just be considerate of each other.

This is a life lesson that I make sure to teach my children. And it had worked until about a year ago when one of them was convinced that they were the only one in our family worth the air we breathe. After that, common courtesy has all but disappeared in this house. :( And it is spilling over into his/her outside life too. The others still have it at school and in public which warms my heart. (I know the whole sibling rivalry thing erases a lot of it at home normally, but this is EXTREME) It kind of burns my butt to witness this. I know where losing consideration for others leads, I have witnessed it first hand. I really don't want to see one of my children end up alone, miserable and bitter, you know, when not even family will come around because you have alienated everyone. If you are lucky you have a spouse who is the same and you can be miserable together, but that still is no way to live life when PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU DEARLY are missing you but can't stand to be around you.

You go out into public and be loud, obnoxious and take up space when others are waiting for it, you feel entitled to everything you want....which reminds me. We had another RESTAURANT INCIDENT!!! the other day that I just have to tell you about. It was sunday, which in this town means a busy breakfast time for local restaurants.  There will be a wait and you'd better get used to it because that is just the way it is.  All morning our favorite restaurant had had about a 25 minute wait (I overheard the manager). We waited our twenty-five minutes and sat down to have a great family
breakfast together.  The table next to ours had eight adults with an average age of fifty sitting there.  OMG these people were ten times, yes literally ten times, louder than my kids ever are. The waitresses literally could not hear to get orders taken.  And this group, who had waited an average of twenty-five minutes, sat there for goodness knows how long after their food was long gone and their dishes cleared away. These people, who another patron told us had complained about the wait, were making others wait while they sat there and yacked loudly, disturbing everyone in the place. Finally, one lady, sitting in the corner of their group started to get really antsy and she ended up putting on her jacket to try to give them the hint.  Finally it did and they left. The noise level dropped by over 3/4 and everyone in the room was relieved!  Please don't let me end up like that when I'm older.  I don't want to feel entitled to anything.  I want to earn every last damn thing I have.  And please don't let one (or any) of my children end up like that. I would be sad, mortified and embarrassed.

Until Next Time...Don't believe everything you hear. Have your own mind and find out for yourself how life should be. How YOU want it to be, not how some interfering buffon wants it to be for you. Because if someone is interfering, they probably have only their best interest at heart not yours. <3

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