Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, I am fresh out of pictures from my most recent trip to Alaska but I do have a few old ones from our first trip in 2003 and from our 'pick a place to live' trip to Wyoming in 2002. The picture quality is pretty bad because I used mostly disposable cameras and then they had to be scanned into the computer.  Yeah I was super tech savvy back then ;p  They are still beautiful so enjoy!!!

In Sitka at the Raptor Center - Awesome place!

Inside passage cruise day 1

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Big guy at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Ketchikan, AK Awesome place :)

Ketchikan, AK We kinda want to live here 

View from Mt. Roberts

Same tree carving we saw in 2012

Mt Roberts Scenery

Scenery from the White Pass and Yukon railway tour

Squirrel - click to make pic larger and  look closely at the tree trunk

View from White Pass and Yukon Railway tour

Fort Bridger State Historical Site, WY

Buffalo Bill Dam, Cody, WY

Ft. Bridger SHS, So very historic and wonderful to see.

Ft. Bridger SHS

Mor Ft. Bridger - Authentic old buildings

A lake in Grand Teton NP

Ft. Bridger sometimes had guides in period costumes

The Senior and The Freshman in Grand Teton

Somewhere in Cody, WY.  That is a lot of antlers!!!

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