Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I was going to write about Miss Crazy's incompetent teacher, but I am still so very upset about what happened (no clue why, it's not something that was life threatening or super bad) that I think I will wait until I calm down a bit more. Maybe Monday or next Friday.  I guess I am probably just completely fed up with this district and that makes every little thing that happens bother me more.

How about this winter we've been having?  Holy smokes, I am as done with it as I am with NCSD - Natrona County School District #1!!!  As many of you who read this blog regularly know, I love the cold and I used to love the snow.  Not so much now that it hurts me to wade through it and walk carefully on the ice that comes after melting begins. It started off in October with about 16 inches in one day and we have basically had snow every few days since then.  Just when the earth turns brown again, someone sees fit to make it white! This weekend and of course starting before I pick the kids up today, we are expecting six to twelve inches, wind and below zero temps.

Now, I love the cold, but the below zero temps of this winter are just insane and can feel free to go away soon - as in before they get here with this storm. We have had the meter area of our water pipes freeze twice this year and it is a bit annoying. Will this be the last storm of the season?  Why do I have a feeling that it won't? I hope we at least get good weather for spring break (we have it a couple of weeks earlier than most of the country because NCSD is brilliant like that <<<dripping sarcasm>>>!)

So I propose that we get together and start a petition to mother nature using have worldwide protests...or we spit in the face of old man winter...ah hell, who am I kidding. We will sit here and take it like the wuss's we are because really, we have no other choice. Winter will end eventually (I sure as hell hope) and it will be on to a beautiful spring and summer. And maybe, just maybe, all of the planets will align perfectly and I will be on my way to a warmer, less snowy place by the time the kids start the next school year.  Wow, now wouldn't that be great!

Until Next Time...Stay warm, if you love this kind of weather enjoy it, and by all means, don't hurt your hips shoveling snow!!! There is only room for one hip hurtin, broken mama on this blog...although a different blog would be kinda cool. ;)

NOTE: This blog, and any derivatives of it, are totally random, crazy, spur of the moment thoughts. I do not have a proofreader or an editor because then it would seem too stiff...less real. I sit down, I write, and then I publish. Period end of story. I refuse to write any other way (for Broken Housewife) because I want you all to feel like you know me, like we are having a conversation over coffee. Or better yet, like you are reading my personal journal. I don't know how many people have their journals professionally edited. I don't want you to feel like you are reading fiction or something, you know? And I am definitely not an editor/english teacher by any stretch of the imagination. That is why I hire someone to do it for my fictional works.

Think of this as a one sided dialogue we are having. Dialogue is far from 'the perfect written word', and that is the way I like having a blog be. I hope you'll stick around to have more coffee and conversation with the Broken Housewife.

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