Monday, February 24, 2014


So, I've been sitting here all day trying to get a video of Little Butt singing one of her favorite songs - there are many. But she refuses to put clothes on... again. She got out of the nekkie all day stage there for awhile but seems to be going through it again...sigh. It would be fine if it was helping her to potty train, but no, she just pees on the couch...sigh again. Ever since her oldest sister moved out she has refused to use the potty (we almost had her completely trained!!! LOL ). So now I finally sit here with a good blog idea, and I can't really do it because someone is running around my house nekkie. No video's today huh?. Wish I could do sound only because she LOVES to sing...I mean LOVES to sing, and I would love to share it with you.

So, what else have we been up to lately you might ask.  Well, for one, I have released all five books in my romance novel series and am seeing a bit of success, although much more success is what I am striving for so we can get out of Wyoming quicker. :) I am co-writing with my husband now.  We have an upcoming Wyoming series (not cowboy though). Our next work is a novel about the parents in the Sunset Destiny series I wrote - they fall in love in the summer of '69...ooh, that gives me an idea. I now have a video I can post. :D Enjoy!!!

The kids are all doing pretty good. Mr. Insane is thriving in Kindergarten, and continues to behave daily (keep your fingers crossed) I am still contemplating taking him in for testing for ADHD or something, but we'll see. Miss Crazy is doing great in second grade and is becoming quite the beauty. She has a bit of trouble with how much her little sister loves her, but I catch them snuggling and loving too and it is oh so sweet! The Sophomore is thriving too. She has a great group of friends at school, something we though Asperger's was going to keep from her.  She is also doing well in school and seems to now know how to manage school work and play time. The Hubs is working two jobs so maybe we can get the hell out of here sooner.  If nothing else it will help us pay off all our debts quicker.  And he seems to be enjoying co-writing romance novels while working on a novel of his own (not romance).  Our marriage has taken a turn for the better I would say - the best part of the horrid last few months.

NOTE: This blog, and any derivatives of it, are totally random, crazy, spur of the moment thoughts. I do not have a proofreader or an editor because then it would seem too stiff...less real. I sit down, I write, and then I publish. Period end of story. I refuse to write any other way (for Broken Housewife) because I want you all to feel like you know me, like we are having a conversation over coffee. Or better yet, like you are reading my personal journal. I don't know how many people have their journals professionally edited. I don't want you to feel like you are reading fiction or something, you know? And I am definitely not an editor/english teacher by any stretch of the imagination. That is why I hire someone to do it for my fictional works.

Think of this as a one sided dialogue we are having. Dialogue is far from 'the perfect written word', and that is the way I like having a blog be. I hope you'll stick around to have more coffee and conversation with the Broken Housewife.

Until Next Time...When all else fails, and all else goes to shit, listen to some great music. It can be professionally done, courtesy of youtube, pandora etc. Or it can be listening to your little three year old sing her heart out.  I opt for the second whenever I can.  <3

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