Thursday, January 22, 2015


I really hate doing these catch-up posts, but it is kind of necessary so you guys know who I am talking about.  I think next time I will have a meaningful blog about family interference or how tired everyone is of winter already... ;)

So, what have we been up to lately?  Well, truthfully, not much. Things are kind of on a steady path right now although we have a spike here and there.

Let's see, my career is doing well. I got my first little orange #1 Bestseller amazon banner in England - YIPEE!!! The Hubs and I are writing together (not sure if that was a part of the last update or not). And to top it off, he is about to venture out on his own. I can't wait. Right now we are gearing up for a new release (The second book in a series we wrote together). My brokenness is at a point where I really can't drive anymore. However, we know the problem but can't afford to fix it.  The muscles in my back (around my ribs) tighten to the point that it pulls on my hips - hence the problems bending and the constant pain. Now just to get them loosened. I am being treated with muscle relaxants, but they only work to an extent- the left side loosens up perfectly fine, but the right side just won't give way. And of course, to find out how to fix it, they need me to have an MRI. I can't afford that. We rarely use up our whole deductible with insurance, so it will be a while. In the meantime, it is exercises, muscle relaxants and hopefully a chiropractor here and there to see if we can fix it on our own. As for my chronic aura's/migraines, they have been bad this year - it really sucks not being able to read!

Gwen came back home for a while, but then chose to leave again. She doesn't talk to us much, but I hope she knows that we love her and that someday she will realize that we are not the cause of all of her problems no matter how much her Grandfather and aunt tell her we are.

The Sophomore - who is now The Junior is the
one who has had the most drastic changes in her life, Her socialization problems from her autism really did affect her social life and then WHAM!!! Suddenly she has a great group of friends and she spends more time away from home than she does here...well not quite, but to see her socialize and go places and have such great, it is something I will always cherish. And on top of everything she is secretary of the Japan club at school and she is keeping herself organized enough to get A's and B's in school.  We are very happy and proud of her. She has picked a school in Montana that she likes for college - they have a different way of scheduling and I think it really fits her learning style better than a regular class schedule.

Miss Crazy is...not too crazy anymore. She has calmed a lot.  Unfortunately I think it is due to the fact that she is starting the wonderful world of early puberty.  I had to buy my 8 year old a bra...for the second time in my life.  Yep, we are in for it.  She is now very loving and helps her baby sister and little brother quite a lot. When the hormone's kick in though - she can be a holy terror. She is turning into an absolute beauty. She was born with more exotic features than the rest of my kids and has kept them. She still does very well in school and seems to have a
good group of friends...I'll let you know if the nickname needs to change.

Mr. Insane...well, he's still...insane. I love my boy dearly, but wow, he can be a handful and a half. He behaves perfectly at school - the teacher says he barely moves or talks unless he is told to, but then that means when he gets home he has the energy of ten...twenty...thirty kids? And ever since the terrors from across the street moved, it is like pulling teeth to get them to go outside. Therefore, we have a lot of screaming,yelling and craziness after school. If he wasn't so calm and good at school, they would have diagnosed him with ADHD already. He's a good kid though, he's just a boy who likes all of the crazy boy things that are loud and annoying. ha! Do I sometimes wish he would just sit down and play barbies with his sisters?  yep...but that's okay. What would life be without machinery and weapon sound effects! Ha!

Little Butt...Well, little butt isn't so little anymore. In just over two weeks she will be four.  Do you believe it?  She isn't a baby anymore :( However, she is smack dab in the middle of her threenage years and if I survive, just this one last time, I will think of parenting as a victory. She is still cute, still obsessed with my boobs, and still likes to be naked as much as possible. I send her to bed fully clothed and she comes to me in the morning completely nakey.  Sigh...I've given up that battle for now. Oh, and the best part is...she is potty trained!!! Fully!!! Day and night!!! Thank goodness. No more diapers for this mama...until grand kids come along. Phew!

I hope you have enjoyed our updates and I hope that I will be able to keep up with all of the new fans.  For now, if you can't find us at please try We are having server problems ATM.

Until next time...Cherish every moment you have with your family because you never know when a lying, cheating man will steal one of them from you. NOTE: Never just come out and tell your kids that their mate is cheating on them, it won't turn out good. GET PROOF!!! Oh yes, I went there - I'm not the big chicken I used to be. :)

DISCLAIMER: Remember, I write this like a journal so grammar will not be perfect. I like you to feel like we are sitting down for coffee together and chatting. Besides, I can't afford an editor for everything! Ha. :)

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